Oticon Chili Hearing Aids Review

Oticon Chili Hearing Aids Give You More Power

You’ll find that Oticon Hearing Aid Company puts people first. That’s because of the way the company started. It began in 1902, when hearing trumpets were the normal means of aiding the hearing impaired. These were awkward and often inefficient.

That year Princess Alexandra, who was hearing impaired, wore a new type of hearing device at her coronation to take the thrown as Queen of England. Upon learning of the device, Hans Demant left Denmark to secure the same device for his hearing-impaired wife.

The new hearing aid was so much more beneficial and easy to use; it made Demant want to help others with the same hearing deficiency. He secured the rights to distribute the device in his own country.

After he passed, his son William became the head of the company. During this period, there were many worldwide issues, such as WWII thwarting the import of the hearing devices. Luckily, William learned how to assemble and repair the devices on a trip to America.

He began to assemble them in Denmark. After the war, he formed a corporation with an American, Charles Lehman, to manufacture hearing aids.

The company was Oticon. They now manufacture many different styles of digital hearing devices, both custom fit and BTE. The company also offers a large selection of models, such as Oticon Chili hearing aids. They distribute their product to people in over 100 countries and have branches in 22 of those companies.

Oticon Chili Hearing Aids

People with severe hearing loss often feel they have a life sentence anchored by a large, clumsy hearing device. While the need for extra power may have made that true in the past, it just doesn’t have to be that way anymore. The Oticon Chili hearing aids offer the super power required for people in need, but does it in a comfortable, slim shelled device. You’ll have the power and the comfort of a reliable hearing device when you wear Chili hearing aids.

Oticon created the Chili model to aid those who find using a regular hearing aid still leaves them challenged in ordinary life. With the Chili model, the user hears all the rich and full sounds around them and can even use mobile phones or listen to the television in comfort. This model enhances the normal sounds around you but doesn’t distort the sound, so you hear it more naturally. Even in noisy environments that often prove challenging for those without a hearing loss, the Oticon Chili reduces the extraneous noise, allowing you to focus on the speaker more easily.

Oticon knew that people with severe to profound hearing loss often couldn’t participate in many of the functions that create an active life. They wanted to provide this for those hearing-impaired users and elicited the aid of the Eriksholm Research Centre to do that. As a result, they created the Oticon Chili hearing aids that offer not only super power, but also connectivity to important listening devices.

Most power users have to “cut and paste” conversations together before they can understand what the speaker says. Speech Guard, one of the unique features of the Chili hearing aids, maximizes the audibility without the distortion that normally brings, making speech recognition easier and giving those with severe hearing loss more capability to understand not only conversations but also to enjoy the conversation comfortably, even when the room is noisy.

Users no longer have to worry about noises too loud causing discomfort. They can use amplification loud enough for easier listening without facing the potential of enhancing outside noises not part of the conversation. The noise reduction system in the Oticon Chili hearing aids eliminates the noise that competes for the listener’s attention.

Best of all, Oticon created a shock-absorbing design for the hearing device, a water repellent coating and a battery door that prevents sweat and water from trickling into the hearing device. Add the Oticon Company’s attention to quality and you have one of the most reliable hearing aids for those who require power devices.

Oticon Chili Hearing Aids Styles and Colors

The Oticon Chili hearing devices only come in the behind-the-ear (BTE) style. However, the devices come in a variety of colors to blend with your hair coloring. The colors include:

• Diamond Black
• Steel Grey
• Silver Grey
• Silver
• Chroma Beige
• Terra Cotta
• Chestnut Brown

Features of the Chili

Speech Guard: One feature of Oticon Chili hearing aids is Speech Guard. Speech Guard protects one of the most important elements of listening, conversation. This feature increases the ability to hear spoken words without the distortion power users used to experience. It shows proven results that it aids the user in following conversation better, even when there are competing noises.

Spatial Noise Management: Spatial Noise Management helps by automatically prioritizing and enhancing speech over other noises. This gives the user clearer understanding of conversations and makes it easier to follow those speaking.

Directional Microphones: You’ll find the Directional Microphones in the Oticon Chili hearing aids benefit the understanding of speech dramatically. The microphones focus on the voices in front of you and dampen the sounds coming from behind and the sides to allow you to hear the most important sound, the speaker.

ConnectLine: Some power users never had the benefit of speaking on a cell phone or listening to an MP3 player. That’s all in the past with ConnectLine. Connectline allows you to use any Bluetooth device and make your hearing aid your own personal headset. You’ll have hands-free listening on the cell phone and the ability to hear the television, PC or telephone more clearly.

Extra Protection: The people at Oticon understand how important hearing aids are, particularly to those with severe hearing loss. Because of that, they added extra protection to the Oticon Chili hearing aids to insure you’ll have less potential of losing their use even for a single day.

Shock Absorbent: Inside the device, Oticon created the best method of preventing damage to intricate components of the hearing device if the instrument drops or falls off the ear.

Moisture Resistant: Moisture from rain or even sweat can cause permanent damage to a hearing aid. Because of this, Oticon Chili hearing aids have a repellent coating designed to keep out moisture and even dirt. Even the door for the battery has a special design that keeps the insides safe from any moisture that might trickle down toward the hearing aid.

Deep Coated: The deep permanent coating seals in the electronic parts and makes the Chili perfect for those who have an active lifestyle.

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