Oticon Get Hearing Aids Review

Oticon Get Hearing Aids Provide Technological BenefitsOticon Corporation makes many different models of hearing devices, including Oticon Get hearing aids. They offer the latest in technological advancements regardless of the level of hearing loss you experience.

The products cover those with mild to profound hearing loss. The company looks for ways to make the life of the hearing-impaired better and more comfortable. It shows in their mission statement, “People First.”

One of the reasons the company focuses so strongly on the needs of the hearing impaired most likely comes from the way the company started. At the turn of the century, there was very little help for those who had impaired hearing.

The ear trumpet, an awkward and obvious device, helped a little but made it socially awkward for those with hearing difficulty. When Camilla, his wife developed a hearing problem at 42, doctors had no solution and it seemed she would soon live the life of isolation faced those with hearing loss at that time. However, the coronation to the throne of England in 1902 of Princess Alexandra of Denmark changed all that.

A young American named Miller Reese Hutchinson created the first electronic hearing device, known as the Akoulallion. He offered the Princess Alexandra the opportunity of wearing his new invention for her coronation. The results she experienced were amazing and word of the miracle hearing aid spread back to Denmark and to the ears of Hans Demant. He believed the new device would help his wife, so he went to England to secure one for her use.

The remarkable device helped free Demant’s wife from the silent world and it was apparent to him that everyone with hearing loss should experience the same benefit. Even though he already had a successful family business manufacturing sewing machines and bicycles, he entered an agreement to become the Danish distributor for the General Acoustics in New York, which originally was the Akouphone Company that made the hearing aid his wife wore.

The distributorship grew. When Hans died, he passed the business to his son William. William wanted to know more about the assembly and repair of the hearing aids so he went to America to learn. Because of the world wide Depression in the 1930s and WWII, his decision was fortunate, as importation of the devices was impossible.

After the war, Demant joined with Charles Lehman of America to create what is now the Oticon Corporation, makers of advanced hearing devices such as Oticon Get hearing aids. Oticon has two branches, the original hearing aid company and Oticon Medical. Together they employ over 3,000 people. You’ll find Oticon hearing aids on people in over 100 different countries and offices in 22 countries.

Oticon Get Hearing Aids

While Oticon advertises Get as an entry level hearing device, primarily because of its affordable price, it has a great deal of power and is appropriate for those with even severe-to-profound hearing loss. Like other Oticon hearing aids, the technology of the hearing device makes important sounds, speech, clearer and easier to understand. The loss of hearing makes socializing, work and even family activities more difficult and wearing. It leaves you out of the conversation and on the sidelines. That’s why Oticon Get hearing aids have the technology to make sounds louder without distortion often found in other hearing devices.

Get has advanced technology to stop feedback, before you ever hear it. It also has features that make listening easier by focusing more on speech, both the sound of speech and the direction from which it comes. You’ll also find that the Open Ear Acoustics design helps you hear better without occlusion, that stuffed up,” just off the airplane” feeling in your ears.

You’ll find the Oticon Get hearing aids in a number of different styles, both custom fit and ready to wear behind-the-ear styles. For the behind-the-ear models—BTE, there are three different versions from which to select; the BTE 13 with Corda Thin Tube, the BTE Hook and for those that require more aid, the BTE Power 13 Hook. These come in seven different colors:

• Diamond Black
• Silver Grey
• Silver
• Steel Grey
• Terracotta
• Chroma Beige
• Chestnut Brown

If you want custom fit Oticon Get hearing aids, you can select from the half-shell--HS/low profile--LP, the in-the-canal—ITC/HS power, ITC, completely-in-the-canal—CIC/MIC power and CIC. All these models are non-wireless.

Oticon Get Features

Open Ear Acoustics: It takes a special design and technology to eliminate occlusion without inviting feedback. The Oticon Company uses several programs that allow you to avoid the tight fitting hearing devices, once required to eliminate feedback. By creating feedback cancellation and decreasing the length of time between the entrance and exit of the sound through the hearing aid—called the throughput time—Oticon no longer required a tight fit that created the occlusion, making the hearing aid far more pleasurable to use.

Nano Coating: You’ll never have to worry about sweat or even a light rain damaging your BTE style Oticon Get hearing aids because of the nano-coating. The coating adds extra durability to the hearing aids and protects the important interior from damage caused by dampness and water.

Noise Management: Since noise doesn’t stop the moment people begin speaking, many hearing aid users had a difficult time sorting the speech from the surrounding noise. However, that’s no longer true with the Noise management system. The Noise Management system automatically reduces the environmental sounds so you can hear conversation more clearly.

Dynamic Feedback Cancellation DFC2: You won’t have to worry about your hearing aid whistling or creating a racquet that can be embarrassing and sometimes painful to hear. That’s because the Oticon Get hearing aids have Dynamic Feedback Cancellation (DFC2) to stop it before you know it occurred. It’s all about modern technology and the latest in programs for digital devices.

Surround, Split, and Full Directionality (manual): You can change the direction to where you need to listen, keep out extraneous background noise or enjoy all the listening pleasures around you with directionality.

Listening Programs: You’ll have a number of different programs, so you’ll always have one suited for your particular listening environment.

Affordability: Oticon Get hearing aids have an affordable price, but still are a quality instrument with the latest technology. They provide both comfort and easy listening that you normally don’t find in other lower cost solutions to hearing loss.

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