Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids Review

Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids Show Immediate Acceptance for First Time Users

Oticon has a long history in the world of hearing aids. It dates back to 1902 when the founder, Hans Demant first heard of a hearing device used by the Queen of England at her 1902 coronation called the Akoulallion and produced in America by the Akouphone Company.

This excited Demant since he wanted the same benefit for his wife and so he left Denmark to secure one for her. The device cost $400 in American. The device was so beneficial; he wanted to share the joy with others and soon became a distributor of the product in 1904, making Oticon the oldest hearing aid company today.

His son William took over the gauntlet for better hearing when Hans passed. William was curious about assembling and repairing the hearing aids, so he too traveled to America but this time, he visited the General Acoustics factory. That visit proved a huge benefit, first during the depression and then during WWII when importation of the devices became difficult, making local assembly necessary. Soon after the war, William Demant formed a partnership with Charles Leman, an American manufacturer of hearing devices. The new Danish-American company was the Oticon Corporation. Their products include Oticon Intiga hearing aids, Acto, Ino, Safari and Amigo hearing aids and Get hearing aids. They also have accessories such as the Streamer and ConnectLine.

The Oticon Corporation sells hearing devices to individuals in over 100 countries in the world and has offices in 22 different countries. Oticon and its sister corporation, Oticon Medical, employ over 3,000 people. The company recently discontinued their analog hearing devices and now only sells digital hearing aids.

Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids

Many users of hearing devices find that their first hearing device was difficult to wear because of it took a while to adjust to it. Oticon changed all that when they came out with their tiny fully wireless hearing aid, with the benefit of immediate acceptance, even for first time users.

This tiny device, slightly bigger than the tip of a finger, proved to be a boon to those first time users who normally would take between six weeks to eight weeks to adjust. An international study with researchers from The Horzentrum, a university in Oldenburg, Germany and Towson University, Maryland surveyed first time hearing device users. Even though it normally takes a while for users to adjust to the hearing device, none of the participants had a problem with the Oticon Intiga hearing aids and showed immediate acceptance.

The study investigated several of the performance areas such as ear comfort while wearing, comfort when loud noises occur and the ease of one-to-one conversations in both loud and noisy environments. All the participants felt that the Intiga ranked high in all areas and felt comfortable wearing the instruments long-term.

There’s only one style for Oticon Intiga hearing aids, it’s a mini receiver-in-the-ear model. However, the Intiga does come in ten colors. You can select one to match your skin, hair color or even go a little livelier with a purple or red device. However, since the size is so tiny, once the hearing aid is in place behind the ear, it’s likely no one will see it anyway.

This small discreet device is an easy fit that’s extremely comfortable to wear. The ergonomically shape of the speaker and nearly invisible receiver wire offer a secure but comfortable fit and yet fit snuggly enough to insure retention of the hearing device. The surface of Oticon Intiga hearing aids is smooth, which is another addition to the comfort of the wearer. Best of all, you don’t have any buttons to push, which can be awkward at best and impossible at worst. The design for this hearing aid is so innovative it won the iF product design award for 2012.

The wireless binaural processing aids the brain in processing the sound. This makes the sound quality excellent and conversations easy to follow. This system makes it easier to distinguish voices regardless of whether you’re face-to-face or talking on the telephone. It adds quality to music, films and television by allowing you to hear more detail and depth.

Features of Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids

Speech Guard: Sometimes, the fine details of speech are lost because traditional compression systems distort them or omit them. Speech Guard makes certain you hear them. Speech Guard reacts to sudden change in the noise level and immediately responds to it. It makes hearing not only speech, but also other sounds more like they’re heard naturally without a hearing impairment, regardless of the noise level around you. It does it automatically, without you ever having to make an adjustment.

Spatial Sound: Oticon Intiga hearing aids offer Spatial Sound. This combination of several advanced technologies gives you a more natural hearing experience because it protects the acoustical properties found in the original sound. It has extended bandwidth for high frequency detail and the teamwork of two good ears with wireless binaural technology. The ventilation in the receiver-in-the-ear allows you to experience a mix of the amplified sounds and the natural sounds.

The Shape: The design of Oticon Intiga hearing aids make it discreet and yet comfortable. You’ll never have to adjust the hearing device, so once you put it on; even you won’t notice you’re wearing it.

Acceptance: First time users will have no adjustment period to this tiny but powerful hearing aid.

Improved Speaker System: The new speaker system offers softer wire, a variety of wire lengths and improved shape to make your comfort level optimal, but not lose any functionality. It offers a better appearance and a fit.

AI: Artificial Intelligence in Oticon Intiga hearing aids does all the work for you and makes certain that noise is minimal and speech is preserved. You don’t have to fiddle with your hearing aid, adjusting programs or volume. The Intiga’s AI does it for you.

ConnectLine: You’ll be able to use any listening Bluetooth device with your hearing aid being your own personal headset. Whether it’s a cell phone or an MP3 player, you never have to miss listening again.

Streamer: The Streamer is an optional device for Oticon Intiga hearing aids. It allows the audio portion of the television or landline phones to stream through the device into your hearing aid, giving you better access to traditional phone calls and more enjoyment from television.

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