Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids began its life back in 1947 as the foundation of the "AG für Elektroakustik" in Zurich. Over the next few decades ownerships changed, various analog and later digital hearing devices would be invented and marketed.

Today Phonak has a full line of hearing aids that include those that are waterproof, aids to help those with severe hearing loss and those that help with minor hearing loss.

Phonak hearing aids are available for all ages, including infants.

Behind the ear models would be best to begin with and the older the children get they can graduate to different styles to better suit their needs.

FM systems are still recommended by Phonak in use within a classroom setting or similar for added ease of background noise reduction. These are the wireless systems that use a radio transmitter and receiver close by the sound emitter so that those with a hearing loss can get a clearer, cleaner sound.

Phonak digital hearing aids are sold worldwide, therefore each product comes with a worldwide warranty that covers many major points. Each model offers noise reduction as well.

Some of the Phonak digital hearing aids available for use include the following:

Audéo Zip

The Audéo Zip comes in three performance levels: Audéo Zip III, Audéo Zip V, and Audéo Zip IX.

All three Audéo Zips come in a CIC MultiFlex Canal fitting. A key advantage is that the Audéo Zip can be instantly fit to your ear. No impressions are needed. It is made from a hypoallergenic silicone material.

So you could walk into your audiologist's office, get a hearing test, and leave the same day with your new hearing aids. Phonak says that 87% of ears are suitable to fit one of the Audéo Zips.

Audéo Smart

The Audéo smart also comes in three performance levels: Audéo Smart III, Audeo Smart V, and Audéo Smart IX.

All three Audeo Smarts come in the Receiver-in-canal (RIC) style. The Receiver-in-canal hearing aid is also a behind-the-ear (BTE) instrument.

Phonak claims that the Smart line isthe world's smallest hearing system with full wireless functionality.

Versáta adapts to different situations on its own and comes with wireless controls.

Versáta Art: High frequencies can be decreased with better hearing through SoundRecover. Adaptable to many situations, this Phonak hearing aid can help those with profound hearing loss as well as mild loss using its 16 channels and multiple program levels.

The Milo Plus is affordable and can accomplishing aiding those with any level of hearing loss. This is a behind the ear model that comes equipped with WhistleBlock and NoiseBlock technologies and acoustically optimized venting, four channels and up to four programs.

WhistleBlock technology is intuitive to the natural sounds that sound like feedback and actual feedback. The sound quality therefore is enhanced with finer clarity.

NoiseBlock processing rids the environmental noise from the aid along with noise it can distinguish from speech and non-speech for pure sound.

Acoustic Optimized Venting is a technology within the Phonak hearing aids that is a multidimensional-weight algorithm setting the perfect acoustic mass for each vent.

If you are experience severe, profound or mild hearing loss, Phonak hearing aids are available for your needs. All of them come with warranties and more than one programming feature. Many different choices are available for each model as well.

Other hearing devices from Phonak include:

Audeo MINI

Audeo YES

Exelia Art

Certena Art


Nios micro


Savia Art






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