ReSound Alera 9 ITE Hearing Aid

by Jay

I have had the ReSound Alera hearing aids for almost three years, and have had continuous problems with the left one. It is in the shop now for the third time to be repaired. First it wasn't made to fit my ear canal properly, then, the speaker and mike both went out, (covered under warranty, and now, the microphone is out.

Program? Restaurant and normal sounds the same to me, notice no difference.

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Feb 02, 2016
2nd review
by: Jay

Since my last review I have had 2 additional repairs, always saying replaced speaker due to wax, and microphone due to moisture. The microphone wire also came loose. At the present time I have one that doesn't work. I TAKE CARE OF THEM, BY PUTTING THEM IN DRYER, AND KEEPING THEM CLEAN. SO IN 4 YEARS, THEY WILL HAVE BEEN SENT TO SHOP FOR REPAIR 6 TIMES.

Jan 04, 2016
same problems here
by: Anonymous

Built wrong didn't fit ear? And 3 repairs, and one don't work now. All in 4 years.

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