ReSound Alera Hearing Aid Maintenance

The video below reviews ReSound Alera hearing aid maintenance.  You made a substantial investment in your hearing and you want to make sure you keep hearing instruments in good working order. 

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Video Transcript for ReSound Alera hearing aid maintenance.


Hello this Ron from Complete Hearing Aid Reviews and today we are going to look at a ReSound Alera 5 hearing aid.  Model 561 and we are going to do some regular maintenance on the hearing aid to keep the hearing aid working good and in good condition. 

Two of the biggest enemies of hearing aids are wax and moisture.  So what we want to do.  We want to change the little dome on the end and also underneath is a wax filter.  And this sports lock on the end.  The sports lock helps hold the hearing aid in the ear.  

There are actually four different size domes. 

·        Small dome or 5mm

·        Medium dome or 7mm

·        Large dome or 10mm

·        Tulip Dome or Plus Dome

The tulip dome looks like a lamp shade. This dome is typically used if you get a little feedback or if you need more amplification, a little bit more power.  That helps prevent feedback from happening or the hearing aid whistling.  So that’s when we use this type of dome.

But the first thing you want to do is to grab the hearing aid right behind the receiver on the receiver wire.  This dome we just normally grab it by the lip and pulled it off.  It just slides off and throw it away.

And then also, the sports lock, just slide it up and remove the sports lock.  Then you can just toss that out.

And then we have two different colored wax filters.  The red is just simply for the right ear and the blue is for the left ear.  They are interchangeable.  But if you have a right hearing aid you probably want to use the red and if you have a left hearing aid you want to use the blue wax filters.

And in the packaging there is a little dial that you turn them to the new wax filters.  The end of the tool is threaded and simply put in right on the end of the filter and turn approximately two turns.  Then pull it out. 

Remove the wax filter from the end of receiver.  Insert the new wax filter in the end of the receiver and push in until it stops. 

I’m going to replace the dome with the same size dome.  It was the 5mm.  And the dome just simply slides on the end of the receiver as far as you can get it.

Slide the dome on as far as possible.  It is possible for the dome to come off in the ear.  It’s rare but it can happen.  It’s removable so we want to make sure if fits snuggly.

The next step is we want to put the sports lock on.  The sports lock is curved if you can see that.  So we want the curved part to curve in towards the hearing aid and away from the receiver tip.  So that way when you put the dome in your ear it won’t restrict it from going into the ear. 

And the sports just slides down in the groove.  I hold my finger on the receiver by the groove so that it slides into place and doesn’t slip out.  Then pull the sports lock completely through.

You can see that the sports lock is pretty straight.  What I do is take the sports lock and wrap it around the receiver itself and hold there for several seconds.  That will shape the sports lock so that it’s curved to the shape of your ear and fit better.

Eventually the sports lock will remember the curve of your ear after several days and fit nicely into your ear.

This will also work for any of the ReSound hearing aids that have the receiver in canal. 

This is an Alera 5. 

It will also work on the Alera 7 and the Alera 9 models. 

As well all the ReSound Live hearing aids.  It also works on the Resound Dot 10, Dot 20, Dot 30, Dot 10 Squared, Dot 20 Squared, and Dot 30 Squared receiver in canal hearing aids. 

So there you have a little information to keep your ReSound Alera hearing aids working and in good condition.

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