ReSound Azure Hearing Aid Review

You will absolutely love the style and comfort of the ReSound Azure hearing aids that are available on the market today if you are searching for hearing aids that are considered to be both functional and luxurious.

These products combine the highest level of innovation in digital based sound technology with the most stylish, elegant and comfortable designs associated with hearing amplification systems in today's world. If you are an individual that values both design as well as sound, you are sure to love the look, feel and comfort of the Azure hearing devices that are available to today's consumers.

This type of hearing aid is appropriate for the person that has mild hearing complications, as well as the person that experiences severe hearing loss. In this guide, you will be introduced to the features and technology associated with the Azure by ReSound.

Key Features of ReSound Azure Hearing Aids

If you are interested in purchasing the Azure hearing aids, it is important that you become familiar with the features associated with the products. The following highlights the advantages that consumers enjoy about these products:

• The materials that have been used in the construction of the devices are identified as "iSolate". These products minimize the complications associated with moisture, humidity levels as well as other issues. This results in high levels of durability.

• The ReSound Azure hearing aids are known to have what is referred to as "Natural Directionality". This basically means that the ratio of signal to noise is maximized when there is background noise. As a result, the sound quality that you will experience is considered to be natural and does not result in auditory distortion.

• Many individuals that wear hearing aids experience ringing and other troublesome sounds associated with environmental tonal noises. However, these hearing devices have the "Dual Stabilizer II DFS", which eliminates excess noise.

• These devices have what is referred to as the "17-Band Warp" compression system. This feature acts in much of the same way that the human ear does in that it works to provide the highest level of sound quality which is closest to the natural sounds that the human ears are designed to experience without the use of hearing amplification systems.

• The ReSound Azure hearing aid devices include the "NoiseTracker II Noise Reduction" system that works to reduce spectral noises so that there is no loss of speech reception. As a result, you will find that you have higher levels of comfort.

• When shopping for the ReSound Azure systems, you will discover that the products include the "Environmental FineTuner". This feature allows the wearer to adjust for auditory gain settings in various types of environments so that hearing is not compromised. As a result, you will be able to experience life as it should be - without missing out on a single sound.

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Style and Appearance

When shopping among the ReSound Azure products, you will quickly discover that there are several style and appearance options. Finally, you will be able to choose the hearing aid that is not only most comfortable for you, but also the type that displays the styles that you are most accustomed to overall. The following outlines the styles that you may choose from:

• Custom "In the Ear"

• Behind the Ear – MiniBTE

• Standard Behind the Ear

• Power Behind the Ear

The custom "In the Ear" models include the half shell, canal, completely in the canal, and the full shell. There are many different colors that you may choose from when purchasing a ReSound Azure product. Examples include beige, black silver, cerise pink, dark brown, light blonde, light grey silver, marble grey, neon green, sky blue, velvet black, and several others. Many consumers appreciate the fact that they may select the style and appearance that is best suited to individual tastes and styles.

If you are searching for optimal quality and performance, the Azure hearing instrument are for you. The models include a program button that will permit you to easily adapt to any environment with ease.

Best of all, the products are designed to be quickly fitted right off the shelf. Many also appreciate the fact that the battery associated with the product offers an amazing 330 hours of power. Not only is the product designed for high comfort and a detailed auditory experience, it is designed to provide a high level of functionality.

You will never left in dark on the noises that surround you. Whether you want to hear a conversation, listen to a radio, or enjoy the sounds of a gentle breeze, the ReSound Azure hearing aids make it possible.

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