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The ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aid is one of the most popular of the ReSound hearing aids, thanks to the fact that it is designed to be lightweight and extremely subtle. The device weighs roughly the same as an ordinary paper clip, and it is designed to fit snugly behind your ear and out of sight of anyone who sees you.

Despite the compact design of the ReSound Dot Squared Hearing Aid, you can rest assured that it packs a punch and will provide you with crisp, clear, and natural sound that will revolutionize your hearing.

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ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aid Features

The tiniest devices are some of the most powerful nowadays, and the Dot Squared Hearing Aid is no exception. The high performance technology of this hearing aid ensures that the quality of sound filtering into your ears will be crystal clear.

Anyone who is in need of improved hearing will find that their ReSound Dot Squared Hearing Aid will enable them to hear sounds they once thought they would never hear again. Thanks to the design of the device, wearers are able to get perfectly clear sound without any bother, making the ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aid one of the best of the ReSound hearing aids.

The behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid is tiny, but it kept its standards of performance high. You will find that this small device is as powerful as the full sized hearing aids, but at half the size and weight.

• Automatic Programming ensures that the hearing aid is easy to wear with no adjustments needed by the user. The device is designed to fit into any environment, and there is no need to fiddle with controls thanks to the fact that the device automatically adjusts itself.

• Whistle Control ensures that passing wind will not cause whistle in the headset, and will guarantee that only the desired noises filter into the hearing aid.

• The ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aid offers the best quality of sound, clear speech recognition, enhanced awareness of the world around you, and will improve your ability to locate sounds.

ReSound Dot Squared Hearing Aid Details

• The ReSound Dot Squared Hearing Aid comes in all of the popular colors for hearing aids, making it a device that is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.

• Three listening environments (demanding, moderate, and quiet) ensure that you are able to hear only the most important sounds.

• The device is designed for those with anyone with hearing loss, no matter how profound.

• Battery lasts over 100 hours, ensuring that your hearing aid will last as long as possible.

• ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aid functions in three power modes: high, normal, and low power.

• 17 Band Warp processor ensures that only the most important sounds filter through the hearing aid and into your ear, guaranteeing sound of the best quality and clarity.

• Softswitching feature ensures that your ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aid functions in a directional capacity. Rather than simply having all environmental noise filter into the hearing aid, the ReSound Dot Squared Hearing Aid utilizes this directional feature to allow you to concentrate and listen in one direction at a time.

• AutoScope feature focuses on conversations directly in front of the wearer, while simultaneously filtering out any background and extraneous noise.

• Whistle Control reduces feedback from passing wind, high pitched noises, and other extraneous noises that could cause discomfort in the hearing aid.

• The discreet design of the ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aid ensures that the BTE device is hidden from sight. The device itself comes with a sleek design that radiates an air of elegance, making it the perfect device to wear for any occasion.

• Warp ensures that all bandwidth sounds are heard, ranging from very high to very low sounds. The range of sounds are natural and organic, making walking around town a pleasure.

• Environmental Optimizer automatically configures the listening device according to your hearing pleasure. The automatic feature switches listening modes for your convenience, and is easily programmed to fit every situation.

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