ReSound Essence

With ReSound being some of the top hearing aids available today, the ReSound Essence provides an excellent device that guarantees high quality of sound.

With the latest ReSound features incorporated into the hearing aid, users with hearing difficulties can be certain that their hearing will be as crystal clear and effortless as possible. The design of the ReSound Essence is made to provide wearers with the best sound, the least discomfort, and the maximum benefits for their investment.

Anyone looking for a quality behind-the-ear or in-the-ear hearing aid will find that the ReSound Essence is one of the best devices on the market, but at an incredibly low price for such excellent value.

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Many people find that being able to choose the color of their hearing aid makes it much easier for them to feel comfortable with their device. This economically priced hearing instrument comes in all of the standard colors, and a few extra as well:

• Dark brown

• Medium Blonde

• Beige

• Black

• Marble Grey

The behind-the-ear colors make it easy for users to select the model that will make them feel comfortable, but the unique in-the-ear design will make the hearing aid discreet and tasteful for those in need of help with their hearing.

Key Features of the ReSound Essence Hearing Aids:

6 Band Warp Processing ensures that the hearing aid processes sound exactly as the fully functioning human ear would for completely natural sound.

Directional Microphones ensure that no background noise blocks out the sounds directly in front of the wearer, thus reducing unnecessary and undesired extraneous sounds from filtering into the ear through the device.

Noise Tracker makes it comfortable for the hearing aid to be worn despite surrounding background noise, as the feature ensures only the desired noise is captured by the hearing aid.

Dual Stabilizer Feedback Reduction cancels out any whistling noises that are caused by passing wind, thus eliminating a problem that is common with the majority of BTE hearing aids.

EchoStop ensures that there are no echoes filtering through the hearing aid and into the air, thus making the sound passing through the device much more natural.

Push Button Features ensure that the settings of the device can be changed for comfortable use in any situation, as the multiple programs enable the device to function according to specific situations.

Volume Control enables the wearer to control the device in any situation by reducing the volume in noisy environments and increasing the volume in quiet environments.

Long Battery Life of 372 hours with a battery of size 13 enables wearers to enjoy hearing life around them for as long as possible.

The Essence hearing aid is designed to be used in quiet environments, as the precision of the hearing aid is made to pick up soft and quiet noises that would go unheard in noisy situations. Anyone with hearing loss ranging from mild to profound will be greatly benefitted by the hearing aid, as it will enable them to hear much better in quiet situations.

While the Essence hearing instrument may not have all of the features of the ReSound Live or ReSound Dot2, it is a much lower cost option for those who want a budget hearing aid. Any consumer who is budget-conscious will find that essence provides them with a hearing aid that will function well in most circumstances, but at a much lower cost.

The device is designed to improve the lives of those who purchase the hearing aid, as it will enhance the hearing experience and provide a rich quality of sound that cannot be experienced with a hearing aid of inferior quality.

The design is made to handle regular activities and daily chores, and the durable construction of the ReSound Essence can handle the wear and tear of daily life. With the 4 custom ITE designs and the 2 BTE styles of hearing aids, the ReSound Essence is the perfect device for anyone who enjoys hearing the peace and quiet around them.

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