ReSound Future Hearing Aids Review

by M Hudd
(Clovis, CA)

I have Resound Future hearing aids.

I was tested and had my molds made on 1 visit.

Picked up hearing aids about 12 days later, and had them programmed.

I came back in about a week for readjustment, and had to send one back to expand the vents.

Picked up about 14 days later, and had both adjusted.

I came in about 3 weeks later for another adjustment.

They are right on the money!!! All 3 programs are exactly what I wanted.

I thought it would take longer to get them just right, and I'm picky, but 3 visits and I don't think they could be any better.

It can be frustrating trying to explain what you are, and aren't hearing, to the tech, but if you take the time, your hearing aids will do a better job for you.

I got mine from Costco in Clovis, California and they took great care of me.

I was on a trip in Southern CA and stopped by to have them cleaned(free), told them about a charging problem I was having with my Bluetooth, they had the rep send me a new one, no questions, no charge.

Thank you Costco!

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