ReSound Future Hearing Aids Review

ReSound Future Hearing Aids Are Only Available at Costco

Large retail companies often make deals with manufacturers to produce a product and allow the stores to sell them as the store’s proprietary brand. Sears does this with Kenmore. Costco has Kirkland as their private brand label; they also have an agreement with ReSound for a model only sold through Costco, Resound Future hearing aids.

Future hearing instruments are very similar to their Alera models sold by other vendors such as audiologists. Besides the features being similar, the accessories are also, such as the remote and TV streamer. The Future hearing aid by ReSound was only made available to the public the second week of 2011 so the model, so there’s still limited information on the reliability of the hearing aid after several years.

The ReSound Future hearing aids start at $1299.99 per hearing aid. One problem many of the users of the Resound Future hearing aids report is a buzzing sound when driving in a vehicle. It seems that it only occurs with some patients and in most cases, they tried reprogramming the hearing aid but to no avail. Some believe it actually was with the hearing aid design and the high power receiver.

Features of the ReSound Future Hearing Aids

The ReSound Future has several directionality options. All these allow you to enjoy conversations without losing touch with the other sounds in your environment.

ReSound Future hearing instruments offer the latest technological innovations, which allow the audiologist to adjust the hearing aids to fit with most people’s individual hearing loss problem.

You’ll no longer have problems with feedback since the ReSound Whistle protection is top of the line technology to reduce feedback dramatically, allowing you to talk on the phone easier.

ReSound Sound Processing allows the hearing devices to give the listener a more natural sounding experience when using the hearing aids. It processes sound using the latest technology to accomplish this.

The Automatic Gain Adjustment gives the user individually set adjustments automatically for any type of listening environment.

The noise regulator allows the hearing aids to track and reduce loud and disturbing sounds in all types of environments, even the noisiest ones.

The Datalogging program tracks the hearing aid use. This program allows the hearing aid specialist at Costco to make any adjustment necessary to your hearing aid to make it more personalized for the type of life you lead.

The exterior has Nanotech Protection. The protection makes your hearing device almost impervious to moisture by preventing the device from absorbing the moisture and ruining the interior components. Moisture doesn’t enter but simply beads up and rolls off the hearing aid.

The sound from the Future aids offers sound from all around and yet doesn’t make you live with wires around your neck or uncomfortable adapters. It has a slim curved shape that hides behind your ear and because of the Nanotech Protection; you don’t have to worry about walking in the rain or take your hearing aids out because you’re afraid that perspiration during exercise will affect it.

ReSound Future Hearing Aids Accessories

ReSound offers TV Streamer. TV Streamer brings the sound of your television directly to your hearing aids in stereo. It also connects to the stereo, computer and other listening devices.

You also have the option of purchasing a ReSound remote control. This allows you to change the program on your hearing aid and adjust the volume, including the volume on the TV when using the TV Streamer. You can see what setting you’re on at a glance because of the easy to see LCD display.

If you spend hours answering phone calls during a heavily scheduled day, you don’t want to stop and adjust the volume. The ReSound Phone Clip allows you to connect your hearing device directly to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. You clip the device to your clothing and make the adjustments easily.

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