ReSound Great Disappointment Alera 9 TS

by Loved ReSound
(Burbs USA)

After many years of using ReSound aids, I've just received a new pair. Great disappointment!

I love the sound of ReSound hearing aids. However, the shell design is not user friendly for anyone without great agility, & nimble fingers. To turn on/off, you have to open the battery holder not easy unless you take off the aid.

Changing batteries is difficult & a toothpick or other small pointed item has to literally "push" the battery out you cannot use fingernails to get battery out. The volume control button is just behind the 2 mics & when changing volumes/programs my fingers lightly brush over the mics causing "frying bacon" sounds amplified in the ears. On the shell, ReSound is imprinted, but to find the model/etc. even using a lighted magnifier the numbers cannot be read. Sales Rep said he'd have to read them for me.

The literature, user manual is very very general for all their aids, no mention of the exact type of aid given to consumer. How do consumers know what they are getting for the $$$? I've always held ReSound in the highest esteem in the hearing aid world, but my world has been shattered by the new aids.

I know I am only one person with an opinion & I do hope other ReSound hearing aid users can give positive feedback which can help me. I not only have volume hearing loss, I have distortion & severe tinnitus. I want to say the TS adaptation to the Alera 9 has made a difference, but thus far it seems no different.

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Jan 13, 2015
Alera 9 won't hold the adjustment by my audiologist
by: Anonymous

I have Alera 9 hearing aids and I am finding that they do not work well with my home phone or cell phone. I've gone into my audiologist, who is outstanding, to have them adjusted to work with my phones. They work well for a while but then they do not stay in the adjustment. This has happened 3 times!

I paid $6,000.00 for these hearing aids and I wonder if I should call Resound to discuss the problem. My favorite audiologist and I believe the most competent Is on maternity leave until April. They are still in warranty and I wonder if I should ask for a new pair.

I would love to hear any comments that others have, to share re: my comment .

May 27, 2014
ReSound Alera Battery Chime
by: Anonymous

I have ReSound Alera 7s, both ears and had the same problem with battery chime for amy movement of one aid only. The problem ended up being the hinge on the battery door was loose, once that was fixed, no more chiming...hope that helps.

Jun 17, 2013
ReSound Alera Battery Chimes
by: Ron Allander NBC-HIS

If your ReSound Alera hearing aids are chiming throughout the day, there may be one or two reasons for this.

It sounds like you either are getting the chime for a low battery indicator or the start up chimes.

1) Check to make sure batteries are fresh. Also, when you pull the tab off of the battery, wait for at least 60 seconds before you put the battery in the hearing aid.

Many of the batteries are mercury free and need a minute or so to fully activate once the tab is removed.

The battery may not be fully powering up and the hearing aid thinks you have a weak battery and gives the low battery indicator chime.

2) The other possibility is that that they hearing aid is actually intermittent and turning on and off causing the chiming.

In this case, return the hearing aid to your local hearing aid specialist or audiologist and have them send to ReSound for repair. It should still be under warranty if you purchased it only 9 months ago.

I would start with the battery option first.

I hope this helps.

Ron Allander
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Jun 16, 2013
Alera 9 malfunctioning
by: Anonymous

Purchased Alera 9 several months ago. When new batteries are installed, the aids chime for about 10 chimes. But, at any time of the day, not involving a battery change, that same chime takes over.

In so doing, the aid is just chiming and not functioning. Putting on or taking off eye glasses sets it off as well as touching ones hair in the temple region.

No explanation or solution has been offered by ReSound.

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