ReSound hearing aid problems and an alternative solution

by Terry Prtula
(Reston, VA)

I found a cost effective solution for my out of warranty broken Costco ReSound hearing aids. I Bought ReSound hearing aids three years ago. Warranty expired as did the two hearing aids. For the last year under warranty, both hearing aids were repaired twice. The phone clip interface stopped working after the one year warranty expired.

The Resound hearing aids are now sold under the Kirkland label. Based on my Re-sound experience I did not want to reward Resound with another purchase. The Costco technician advised me I would have to spend $2,700 for new non Resound hearing aids.

I went home and researched "Blue Tooth" enabled "hearing devices" on the Internet. I selected a pair of Sound World Solutions HD 100 Series devices. Total cost $635 including shipping. They come with a 30 day trial period and a one year warranty.

"Out of the box" they seem to be working extremely well for me. I will get used to them for a few days and then I will try running the customization program to see if the fine tuning improves the performance. So far with my limited time with these "devices".

I am totally satisfied. Especially with the over $2,000 savings over the Costco recommendation.

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