GN ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound hearing aids is one of the world's largest providers of hearing aids and diagnostic audiological equipment. Resound's headquarters are located in Ballerup, Denmark. They are part of the GN ReSound Group.

Timeline of the History of GN ReSound

1940 Sam Posen founded Beltone.

1943 Gerd Rosendstand founded Danavox.

1947 Danavox introduces its first hearing aids.

1977 GN Store Nord acquires Danavox and later renames it GN Danavox.

1984 Rodney Perkins founds ReSound Corporation.

1992 GN Danavox introduces the first commercially available hearing aids used to use digital sound processing.

1999 GN Danavox's parent company, GN Store Nord, purchases all the outstanding shares of ReSound and forms GN ReSound.

2000 GN Store Nord Acquires Beltone.

2005 GN ReSound acquires Interton Hearing Aids.

Today ReSound hearing instruments are manufactured in Bloomington, Minnesota. G N ReSound produces a wide selection of hearing instruments.

ReSound says that they have always developed technology around how hearing and the ear work naturally. ReSound Air led the way for open fitting hearing devices.

There are three major types and styles of hearing aids offered by G N ReSound. The three types are behind-the-ear (BTE), custom in-the-ear (ITE), and Remote Microphone Technology.

The BTE hearing instruments consist of the traditional behind-the-ear, receiver-in-canal (RIC), and open fitting.

ReSound offers five different types of custom fit hearing aids:

• Full Shell (ITE)
• Half Shell (ITE)
• Canal (ITC)
• Mini canal
Completely in the canal (CIC)

Remote Microphone hearing aids is a new category developed by ReSound. The microphone has been moved to the outer ear and is connected to the main body of the hearing aid by a thin transparent tube. This style of hearing aid utilizes the natural shape of the ear canal to funnel and amplify sound.

Here is a list of ReSound hearing aids. The newest technology is listed first.

ReSound LiNX

ReSound Verso

ReSound Alera

ReSound Vea

ReSound Live

dot2 (or dot squared) by ReSound

be by ReSound

ReSound Ziga

ReSound X-plore

ReSound Sparx

ReSound Essence

ReSound Azure

dot by Resound

ReSound Metrix

ReSound Pixel

ReSound Plus5

New Tone Plus

New Tone

ReSound Pulse

ReSound Air


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