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The ReSound Live hearing aids are some of the top hearing aids on the market, with the latest in ReSound technology integrated into the devices. Live by ReSound is dedicated to providing the best quality surround sound through the simple device, and the Live hearing aids are able to process both treble and bass sounds individually to ensure that users hear a clear, blended sound for optimum hearing.

With the ReSound Live hearing aids, you will be able to experience the joy of hearing the world around you, and the quality of the sound provided by the ReSound Live hearing aids is priceless.

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Live hearing aids come in a wide variety of colors, enabling owners to pick out the color that suits their personal style best. These colors include:

• Metallic Blue
• Marble Silver
• Charcoal silver
• Black and silver
• Light Grey and silver
• Medium blonde
• Dark brown
• Light blonde
• Beige
• Black
• Charcoal
• Glossy Black

All of these colors are available for the BTE (Behind the Ear) models, but there is a subtle Custom In the Ear design that will fit anyone who is looking for a less obvious placing of their ReSound Live hearing aids.

Key Features of Live by ReSound Hearing Aids

• 17-Band Warp compression ensures the quality of the sound is natural with as little compression as possible

• The Surround Sound Processor regulates the bass and treble sounds in the ear in a natural way, all to provide clear, crisp sound

• Noise Tracker II is an algorithm that processes the noise to reduce background sounds and feed only clear, undistorted sound into the ear.

• Dual Stabilizer II DFS suppresses any noise feedback and provides stable, undistorted sounds of the best quality.

• Whistle Control is a new feature that works together with the Dual Stabilizer to reduce any chance of feedback. This feature cuts sounds that have the potential to feed back into the hearing aid, ensuring comfort and ease of use in any situation.

• Natural Directionality II enables the wearer to have complete control over the environmental noise they hear. Wearers are able to choose the sounds they want to hear, and will do so without all of the environmental cues being compromised.

• Surround Sound processing enables the wearer to focus on a particular conversation or noise to ensure that only the desired sounds are filtered through the ReSound Live hearing aids into the wearer's ears.

• Environmental Optimizer reduces the need for volume controls or a number of programs to control the device. The automatic system will control the device for optimum sound quality and levels.

• AutoScope is a directional feature that allows the wearer to focus their attention and only pick up sounds from specific direction.

Features of the ReSound Live Hearing Aids

Natural Directivity allows the wearer to focus their attention in a specific direction and have the hearing aid conform to their desires. The instruments mimic the natural structure of the ear to focus on or eliminate specific noises in specific locations.

Natural Quality of Sound ensures that this hearing device worn will provide sound that is as natural as hearing it with the human ear. The quality of the sound is more natural, richer, and much higher quality when delivered directly into the ear, and the Live hearing aids control the noise that filters into the ear to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer.

Natural Protection from the Wind ensures that no passing noises will filter into the ear through the device which is designed to fit into the ear to reduce environmental noise.

Extra Long Battery Life that is designed to last between 176 and 330 hours without the need to recharge. The battery life is dependent on the type of battery used, but the low power consumption ensures that the hearing aid batteries last as long as possible.

A Wide Variety of Models, including BTE, CIC, RIE, mini, power, and standard models.

The quality of sound offered by the ReSound Live hearing aids is peerless, and anyone using these high quality hearing aids will find that they are able to hear crisp and clear natural sounds.

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