Costco ReSound Vivid Stratus Hearing Aids Review

Costco ReSound Vivid Stratus Is another Proprietary ReSound Hearing Aid

If you shop at Costco, you can get a case of toilet paper, a gallon of spaghetti sauce and your hearing aids in just one shopping trip. Costco has an onsite hearing aid specialist or audiologist in many of their stores, ready to fit you for a hearing aid from several different companies. They have their own proprietary brand, Kirkland, but also offer proprietary models from several companies, such as ReSound.

ReSound offers both the ReSound Future and the ReSound Vivid Stratus as their models sold by Costco. These models of ReSound hearing aids are only available at Costco. So you will not be able to go to an independent hearing aid dispenser to compare prices.

The ReSound Vivid Stratus hearing aids come in a variety of models, which include the power behind-the-ear (power BTE), behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-the-ear (RIE), Mini BTE, completely-in-the-canal (CIC), in-the-ear (ITE) and remote microphone (RM). With all the different choices, it should provide a hearing aid for almost everyone’s needs. In addition, each hearing device style has a number of different colors so those choosing ReSound Vivid Stratus can find the right shape and shade of hearing device.

While some of the Vivid Stratus models are more visible than others are, many of the styles are small and quite discreet. The tiny size shouldn’t fool the user. Even the smallest, nearly invisible model will improve your hearing dramatically, yet remain almost invisible to those around you.

The price varies by the type of hearing device you select, the location you purchase it and they style you purchase. The price for the ReSound Vivid Stratus begins at $1299.99 per hearing device and increases from that point.

All the Vivid Stratus hearing aids have Nanotech Protection, a special coating that repels both moisture and dirt. You’ll not have to worry about damaging your hearing aid with perspiration when you wear it during an active workout at the gym, or shy away from wearing when adventuring into the outdoors.


The ReSound Vivid Stratus has Whistle Protection with Dual Stabilization. Whistling comes from feedback. It interrupts conversations and can occur if a person or object, such as a phone, is too close to your hearing aid. It also can be quite painful to the hearing aid user if it’s loud. ReSound has two programs to help prevent whistling and feedback, Whistle Protection and Dual Stabilization. These two programs work together to make the hearing aids operate naturally and without any problems with feedback, even when talking on the telephone.

Resound offers various Directionality Options. An adaptive directionality function allows you to adjust the hearing device to the level of noise in your surroundings. It narrows to focus on the conversation in front of you in noisy environments but if the environment is quiet, widens to give you more awareness of your surroundings.

Warp with Extended Bandwidth gives you a more natural sound, which is closer to normal hearing. In fact, some people even forget they’re wearing a hearing aid.

The Automatic Gain Adjustment on the Resound Vivid Stratus hearing aids allow you to have individualized volume setting for all types of listening situations.

Noise Tracker helps to improve the performance of the Vivid Stratus hearing aids even when you’re listening in the noisiest hearing environment.

One of the problems of purchasing hearing devises through Costco may be the quality of service you receive. While most of the hearing aid specialists take their time and do a good job, some don’t. Instead, unlike the private audiologist who owns his own business, those who aren’t as good as others may not have the skills or take the time to do a thorough programming or answer questions you may have. Instead, they look at it as just another job instead of being a professional. While you might find the same thing in a private audiologist, he won’t remain in business for very long.

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