ReSound X-Plore Hearing Aid Review

The ReSound X-plore hearing aid adds durability and high tech applications for users who have an active lifestyle. This small but mighty hearing aid offers numerous features suited for those active users that want to maximize their hearing while continuing a life of activity.

It comes in various styles that include completely mini behind the ear, behind the ear, custom in the ear, and power behind the ear. The custom in the ear designs include half-shell, full shell, in the canal and completely in the canal.

Hearing aids are much more than simple amplification devices. They offer computerized programs that allow you to adjust for background noise, area, and wind. ReSound X-plore offers much more and even lets you change programs to vary according to the listening environment.

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The philosophy of ReSound is to provide clients better hearing through improved technological innovations. They look for challenges faced by the hearing impaired and seek ways to overcome those problems. The ReSound X-plore is highly durable, so it allows those who wish to remain active, the option of wearing a hearing aid without worrying about destroying your hearing aid in the process. It's perfect for noisier areas such as meetings or the shopping mall, but you can use it easily for quiet at home times.

You'll also find the easy push button programming allows you to select from a number of programs based on your particular needs for the specific situation. You can also adjust amplification with the volume control. However, if you find that adjusting directly is difficult, use option of a remote control. You can purchase this accessory separately. It makes adjustments easier, without even removing the hearing aid.

Key Features of the ReSound X-plore

SoftSwitching gives the benefit of switching from directional to omni-directional modes and back again, automatically.

MultiScope Adaptive Directionality is effective in reducing many of the background sounds competing with your chosen focus. You simply select a different beam width and reduce the other noise.

Integrated Microphone Matching increases the precision of the MultiScope Adaptive Directionality.

Acceptance Manager gives newer users a chance to adjust to the increased amplification. It slowly increases the amplification to allow for adjustments in hearing. The company programmed it to act as your own personal hearing coach.

NoiseTracker II allows you to hear speech signals but suppresses other noise to offer a clearer and more comfortable communication experience.

17-Band Warp allows you to hear excellent sound quality due to the fast processing ability and acute resolution.

Dual Stabilizer II DFS feedback management stops the loud shrill often experienced by hearing aid users, since it eliminates the feedback. It offers far more usable gain with no additional noises.

Active Wind Stop gives you clearer hearing outdoors by reducing the noises created by the wind.

The X-Plore hearing aid customizes to any environment by offering four different programs to allow you to make adjustments.

Both the intelligent design and the iSolate anti-corrosion materials used to create the ReSound X-plore helps reduce the potential of damage from humidity.

Coyote 3.1 digital signal processor helps preserve the batter by insuring you use the lowest power consumption.EchoStop reduces the echo from the room and room reverberations. This feature allows you to experience a far more natural sound.

Advanced DataLogging aids in troubleshooting by storing usage data. The data also provides additional information for customizing your unit.

You'll find the technological advancements on the ReSound X-plore hearing aids improve the quality of hearing in any situation. It conveniently blocks extraneous noise automatically and the directional microphones focus on the speaker. This aids in reducing outside noise and allows you to converse easily without interference from background sounds.

The Active Wind Stop humidity resistant material and durability make the ReSound X-plore perfect for the sportsman or those enjoying outside activities. The sleek hidden design of many of the models aids your hearing without others noticing the device, while providing such a comfortable fit; you might forget you're wearing it.

The ReSound X-plore adapts to your environment rather than making you adapt to it. Even the Acceptance ManagerTM improves the initial comfort of wearing a hearing aid. One of the biggest problems faced by new wearers is the change that occurs when you go from not hearing sounds to hearing all sounds clearly.

It takes time to adjust but the program makes that adjustment far easier and more comfortable by increasing the level of sound over time, automatically. You experience the dramatic change that often discourages those who are new to hearing devices.

You'll find once you try the ReSound X-plore you'll want to rejoin the rest of the world, since poor hearing no longer leaves you out of conversations. This model is for people that experience a moderate hearing environment, one that varies from quiet at home activities to the din of meetings.

You'll love the versatility and renewed ability to rejoin the fun and conversation it offers you. It comes with long lasting batteries and optional features such as the ReSound Unite MiniMicrophone, ReSound Unite TV Streamer, ReSound Unite phone clip and ReSound Unite remote control.

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