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The ReSound Ziga is the latest in the ReSound line of products, and ReSound has already established itself as one of the best brands of hearing aids. It's always best to buy the latest products when looking for high quality electronics, especially devices such as hearing aids.

Hearing aids with the latest technology are designed to provide the best quality of sound with the least amount of discomfort, and one such product is the ReSound Ziga. Thanks to the latest technology incorporated into Ziga hearing instrument, those with hearing difficulties will find that hearing is much easier and much more pleasant than ever.

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The ReSound Ziga comes in all of the popular colors for hearing aids, and you can rest assured that you will be able to find a hearing aid that will match your style. For those who like variety with their BTE or ITE hearing aids, the Ziga hearing aid comes in:

• Midnight blue

• Neon Green

• Soft Charcoal and Silver

• Velvet Black and Silver

• Black with Silver and Black

• Ziga Orange

• Beige

• Cerise Pink

• Dark Brown

• Gloss White

• Light Blonde

• Light Grey Silver

• Marble Grey Silver

• Medium Blonde

The wide variety of colors ensures that you can find the hearing aid that will be the perfect color for you. Men, women, teenagers, and children alike will be able to select from among these many colors, giving them the option of choosing their color for their hearing aid.

Key Features of ReSound Ziga Hearing Aids

• Adaptive Directionality makes speech much clearer and reduces the background and surrounding noise, as well as any sounds from directly behind the wearer to ensure that speech is easy to understand.

• SoftSwitching technology ensures that the microphones change automatically between directional and omni-directional modes for optimum hearing in any setting, no matter how noisy or quiet.

• 9-Band Warp Compression ensures that the quality of sound is excellent. This technology uses the latest hearing aid features to provide accurate resolution and lightning processing.

• Noise Tracker preserves the signal of speech while efficiently reduces ambient noise.

• Dual Stabilizer II DFS gets rid of any feedback while providing enhanced gain that is artifact-free.

• Open Fitting Capabilities ensure that the hearing aid looks and feels good, and the StepVent, FlexVent, and Thin Tube ensure that the cosmetic appeal of the devices is enhanced.

• Integrated Microphone Matching of all of the frequencies ensures the directional microphones are as precise as possible.

• Two Environemntal Programs for flexible hearing, plus DAI and telecoil options available in most of the ReSound Ziga models.

• Available in many styles including CIC, ITE, BTE, mini BTE, and power BTE.

• Datalogging Storage for tracking important data to ensure personalized hearing.

• Latest-Gen Chip to ensure the power consumption is as low as possible.

• Bluetooth Wireless Headest for mini BTE ReSound Ziga models.

• 330 Hours of battery life using a size 13 battery.

• Push Button Controls ensuring that the device is easily controlled with the press of a button and ensures optimum environmental control.

• Open Solutions provide you with a discreet and non-occluding solution that guarantee excellent, clear, and natural sound with the minimum amount of personal discomfort to you.

• Volume Control ensures optimum amplification with the hearing aid.

As you can see, the ReSound Ziga is one of the best of the ReSound models on the market. Anyone suffering from hearing loss ranging from profound to mild will be befitted by the hearing aid, as it will ensure that they will be able to hear in any environment.

The quality of the Ziga hearing aid is matched only by the low cost of the hearing instrument, and you will find that you will be hard pressed to find a better hearing aid than the Ziga. This hearing aid is designed to be as comfortable as possible in your ear, and you will find that hearing natural sounds has never been easier than with this top-notch ReSound device.

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