Review Audibel Hearing Aids

(Atlanta, GA)

Review Audibel Hearing Aids and a few small glitches.

I am fairly young to have lost a great deal of hearing (being in my mid 30s). It was absolutely isolating.

Finally, with the start of a new year, I set out to see what/if any help was out there. Here it is a year later, I wear my Audibel bronze everyday. They were "gasp" expensive but not as costly as total isolation from friends, family, and even jobs. I still have big hearing issues to conquer but am much closer to my goals....

I do however have a few gripes.

1. With the gasping price, I was unable to buy a new cell phone that would turn them up and down... so many of my settings are repeats at different levels. (of course my cell phone is "hearing aid compatible" what I knew to ask for... though the tones are wrong to adjust volumes)

2. People still try to lean over tables in restaurants and cafes to mention something to me, which is a normal human move. I can not hear them because my mics are only on the back. (would it be that hard to place one set of mics in front of the cable?)

Regardless of my few gripes, these hearing aids have changed my life and given me back large chunks of what I was missing out on. I still will never understand how it got so bad or how it is so hard to know how bad it is..... until you start hearing again.

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Aug 13, 2016
Running the clock out
by: Ron

I went through the Audibel orientation and testing propaganda program in St. Petersburg, FL. They tell you they are returnable for a full refund within thirty days of a trial period. It happens that my technician was a trainee and was unable to adjust them properly to my hearing deficit, all the while telling me to try this for a week or so and come back for more adjustment.

The technician was so in-experienced that when it came time for my adjustment, he called the central office for help every time. Now mind you, the thirty day return window is closing and he never did get them at comfortable levels.

Now,I go in for my sixth or seventh adjustment appointment, only to find that my original tech has left the company and my new tech will help me. So the new tech helps me by completely reversing everything my original tech did, including removing my custom molded ear pieces, in essence, starting all over again from day one. After several adjustment appointments and many days past my return window of opportunity, I decided I had had enough and returned the hearing aids for the last time. I had tried to return them three times previously but the tech talked me into keeping them for "just one more adjustment". Are you getting the pattern of procrastination by now?

Now I'm just lucky my procrastination was successful in not giving them my credit card for the $5500.00 balance which was due when I picked them up on day one. Now I lost a $500,00
deposit because I failed to return them within the thirty day trial period,which amounted to a training period for the new tech.

Now BEWARE! A paper you sign when you start with them, does not explain all the details of this rip-off contract that is written on the BACK of the paper you just signed. I guess they figure one can't be blind and deaf so they conceal the details of the contract on the reverse of this innocent-looking document.

It is in fact a contract committing you for the full price $6000.00, in my case, if they are not returned within the 30 day period.

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT EVEN CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT WITH AUDIBEL!!!!!!!!! They are MASTERS OF DECEPTION and will schmooze you into burning-up your 30 trial period!!!!

Dec 20, 2015
Not Reliable Enough for $7,000
by: John McLane

I've had Audibel hearing aids for just over 2 years now. 1 device has been back 3 times for repair, the other twice. One device actually came apart while I was removing it from my ear. Had very mixed experience with batteries - sometimes I'm replacing them after just minutes - 5 to 15 minutes - of use.

When performing they are great, but I have to say I've never spent $7,000 for anything so unreliable.

Oct 05, 2015
Bad quality with Audibel hearing aids
by: Anonymous

I also paid over 7000.00 for my Audibel hearing aids I had a 2 year warranty. I had one of them in 7 times for repair.then the told me it would be 300.00 to repair it. I could of added 3,000.00 and bought a good car.

discussed in Clearwater, Fl.

Oct 04, 2015
Buyer beware!!
by: Anonymous

They are not worth what they charge, we paid $7200.00 they never told us any thing about warranty.

We got them in Monroe, La I think they took our money we are older couple on fixed income they don't care if they don't work.

Aug 29, 2015
No good Audibe
by: Anonymous

Audibe hearing aids are not worth the money u pay and I don't recommend them at all we paid 7200.00 for them they don't work

Jun 16, 2014
Audibel Hearing Aid
by: Anonymous

Audibel hearing aids are a complete rip off. The hearing aid outfitters sell you a song and dance then take your money on this absolutely inferior quality device.. you'll have to do a lot of research before buying because they'll sell you anything after they test your hearing- then when you start wearing it,it just picks up a lot of loud noises and static.

Then it's too late after you.
So now you can get the 'jump' on em by taking my advice: "Eliminate Audibel"- don't waste your time and money......

Jun 25, 2012
Poor quality
by: Anonymous

I paid many thousands of dollors for a pair of Starkey hearing aids. My aids usually only lasted about a year or two then quit and had to go back to be repaired.

The repair cost $300 to replace the entire insides. I paid $3000 for each one and they could replace the entire thing except the shell for $300.????

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