Review of Audibel Hearing Aid Center

by Betty
(Plant City, FL, USA)

As a senior I have found my hearing to be worsening over the years. At first it wasn't too bad so I decided to ignore my clearly failing hearing because I had other medical problems to tend to.

I am still part of the workforce and finally one day I decided to go ahead and research hearing aid centers as my failing ears were starting to affect my work. Worse, it was affecting my communication with my family. I found myself getting defensive and becoming unsocial because it was almost a burden to talk to people and carry a conversation.

I live close to Plant City, FL. The two main centers for hearing aids is AUDIBLE and MIRACLE EAR. I decided to get evaluated in both centers because it is free of cost.

I have to say right off the bat, Audible was the clear winner for me. Not only was I quoted less for the hearing aids, but the staff is absolutely amazing. The specialist really seemed to care about my well-being and the front desk girls were an absolute delight.

All in all I have nothing but positive things to say about Audible and their business model. I feel well taken care off and I couldn't imagine having my hearing aids from anywhere else. They have good pricing and I was able to get a discount from a coupon found in the community paper.

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