Review of Audibel Hearing Aids

by Fred
(Fletcher Tampa Bay, FL)

My review is very positive. My technician was Robert in the Fletcher, Tampa Bay office.

He listened to my problems with my previous hearing aids, and he told me to trust him and give him a little time and he will give me hearing better.

After a years worth of time I can hear better than I have in years. I have multi program
control and volume controls. In large venues and small restaurants I can hear conversations that I have missed for years.

The costs, though not inexpensive, for me are worth every penny.

Thank you Robert for your patience.

My wife Karen and I are caregivers for our 95 year old Aunt, who has been hearing disabled for years. I asked Robert to see what he could do for her.

Though she has MS and is quite disabled she still reads but at meal times she couldn't hear her table mates.

Since she has her Audibel hearing aids, she can hear those soft spoken ladies better.

Thank you for caring enough to ask about our hearing experience.

Without Robert and his skills and a hearing aid that could help my hearing loss, I could not hear the giggles and cries of my first Grand child (8mos) old.


Fred Twilla

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