Review of Costco hearing aid specialist

by John
(Wharton NJ USA)

Stopped by the Wharton NJ Costco hearing aid counter to ask some questions about hearing aids in general and found their specialist very impatient with my asking questions.

On prior visit to the same store during the hours of operation for the hearing center it was just closed not at lunch time just sign said closed with a clock sign for will return laying on the counter with no return time.

Today no one at the station when I went by but someone came to the counter for batteries and the hearing aid specialist came down the aisle and helped the customer. I waited till they were done and walked over to ask questions and the H.A.S. was half way down the isle leaving again.

He did come back when he turned and saw me but seemed very impatient to leave as I asked questions and was he not even behind the counter.

All questions were given a very short reply such as they all can do that to any question I asked. What is the difference then was my reaction.

My response was then to tell him thanks and continue shopping.

As I left I watched him walk out the front entrance to the outside? Was not there when I got there and left as soon as I did.

When I finished shopping and was at counter getting the new Costco/Citi credit card, nearly 45 min. later he comes walking back in the exit door and goes to the station to fill out application for a credit card which seemed was for himself as no other customer was with him.

I have no fault with Costco or their hearing aids at this point but who is supervising the H.A.S. as they seem to do as they please?

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Sep 17, 2018
Negative experience NEW
by: Anonymous

I also had a negative experience. The wait is 2 months for an appointment. I needed help with an adjustment - which only takes a couple of minutes - and I was told i needed to make an appt. That was 2 weeks out. While they are nice, they are completely overwhelmed and need additional help. The settings are still not correct and I am not certain the audiologist knows what he is doing?

Feb 06, 2018
Your correct NEW
by: WR Crabtree

I cant say enough about the professional way my wife, and I were treated by all the people running the hearing aid department. My wife, and I both purchased Kirkland Signature instruments.

We have been serviced by other brand hearing aid dispenser's at independent place's, but never with the degree of professionalism we have found with Costco Avon.

This I can say, I would recommend stopping there first before going any where else.

William & Sandra Crabtree

Aug 05, 2017
by: Dr Richard Wolberg

I read someone's review about his negative experience in Wharton regarding Costco. I fortunately had the opposite experience at Costco's in Avon, MA. Someone recommended Costco in Avon a few years ago. After having had several negative experiences in the Fall River area, I decided to try one more place. It couldn't have been better thanks to one individual by the name of Brad Hilston. I can tell you that if there were a National Award for Best Customer Service, it would go to Brad Hilston. I cannot praise him enough and I can be a tough critic. Brad's every fiber of his being is dedicated to TOP SERVICE for his customers. His compassion, patience, knowledge, competence, follow-up, care, humility and concern is second to none! I can assure you that he would be blushing if he knew I wrote this.

Mar 30, 2017
hearing aid at Costco Wharton NJ, NEW
by: Bill Chinitz

I received my hearing aid at Costco Wharton NJ, last month. The service was professional, friendly and very helpful.

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