review of costco hearing aids

by Ken
(BC Canada)

I purchased the Kirkland Signature hearing aids with the Bluetooth wireless enhancement system ($400.00 extra) about one year ago.

Since then the in ear speakers have been replaced five times and presently one of the aids is in for repair.

I have no complaints about the service I have received from the staff at Costco Nanaimo, they are top notch. However, the hearing aids are of poor quality and the in ear speakers are just junk.

This is a perfect example of "You get what you pay for" I would gladly return them for refund if possible. These aids come with a three year warranty and it is obvious that is all the use I will get out of them as they average about two months between going in to get them fixed.

I would caution anyone considering these units to keep your money in your wallet and find a more dependable unit.

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