Review of Costco Hearing Aids

by Craig
(Medford, Or)

I went in to Costco with great expectations from reviews that I read. After what seemed like a pretty good hearing test and trying a pair of the Kirkland 6.0 AIDS in the store, I came back a week or so later and had a pair set for my use and purchase.

After some exclamations of how loud things were and the Hearing Dept specialist(?) said that I would get used to it, I left thinking that I had to turn these things down! I had a follow up appt in about two weeks...I didn't make it that long before I scheduled the earliest time I could to come in because the right one was driving me nuts with distortion at all levels.

The Costco employee made some adjustments stating that the aids wouldn't be doing much because they were turned down so far. I left again thinking there was still something wrong but thought I'd give them a try anyway. Several days went by and I decided to take them back because I just wasn't happy with the sound quality.

I was talked into letting him send the right one in for another one that would work. By this time I had a really bad taste in my mouth from this whole experience and after several days of thinking about how the employee had this "I've heard it all and you can't tell me anything that I haven't heard before" attitude, I returned them for a refund.

I have purchased a $650 set of AIDS from the Internet and am totally satisfied with their quality and what they do to help me hear better. Sorry Costco, you failed me in many ways through this purchase.

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