Review of Costco Kirland Signature Hearing Aids - Support

by Bruce
(Redmond WA)

I am still in the first few weeks of using the Costco Signature 6 model. I have several comments.

The audiologist in Kirkland seems very experienced, patient, and thorough.
It is great that many of the features can be controlled using the iPhone app.

However, I have had some questions about the app, and I submitted the questions by email to the official support contact for the software. They replied "Our representatives will email you back with information or suggestions as quickly as possible." In fact they have never replied.

I also tried to contact the Costco hearing center by phone. No direct answer, but their phone system say you can leave a message. Once again - I left a message. Never got an answer.

The integration with the phone at first seems like it could be a great thing. Cell phone input in both ears! But - this does not work very well at all. The hearing aids augment external sounds - and they do that well. But in the case of the cell phone (or music or other audio playback from the phone) the result is terrible. You are ONLY getting the tinny, faint, high frequency augmented portion of the spectrum from the cell phone.
Hearing aids are not full spectrum earphones, they are not audio-quality earbuds.

They can augment external sounds - conversation, music from your stereo or car radio, etc, quite well.

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