Review of Costco Kirland Signature Hearing Aids

by John
(Avon Lake Ohio)

My prior hearing aids were Resound Dot and after meeting with two different Hearing Aid Centers I was advised that the cost of the new Resound Hearing Aids that would blue tooth with my Iphone would cost approximately $5000 after a $1000 discount from Humana insurance.

I decided to try Costco $1799 Signature Hearing Aids for the 90 day trial. Well it only took me a few days to realize how much better the Costco Hearing Aid was from my old aid. I was treated to excellent customer service and I can't be more pleased with the aids.

I would highly recommend Costco Signature Hearing Aids for the quality, improved hearing and personal control over the volume and settings from my IPHONE. I am a very PLEASED CUSTOMER of the Avon Ohio Costco.

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