Review of Costco KS7 hearing aids

by John
(Rochester Minnesota)

I chose the KS7 hearing aids because they were supposed to have the best iPhone support and were made by ReSound, but KS7 were a lot cheaper with a few less features.

These are my first hearing aids. I purchased them the end of June and have used then daily for the last 3+ months. I can hear the TV a lot better and say "Can you repeat that" to my wife and friends a lot less. I have not tried other hearing aids, so can't say if they are better or worse, but definitely improved my hearing.

I was very disappointed with the iPhone support. Music and recordings do not sound good going directly through the hearing aids. There is no bass - guess I should have expected that.

The Costco tech turning up the bass, but nothing close to a $10 set of Skull Candy head phones. They also screw up the blue tooth interaction on my vehicle. When using google maps, the KS7s turn on part way through the instructions.

For example, "In 500 ft, turn left" ends up being "turn left". I turn off my hearing aids when in the vehicle. I contacted support about the problem and they told me not to use google maps for navigation. It is the best navigation tool I have found (I travel every week to new places), so that is not an option.

I consider myself very tech savy (I am an electrical engineer by profession), but only use my iPhone to control the volume on my KS7 hearing aids.

In summary, very disappointed with the iPhone capability of KS7, but they do help me hear better. When I need my next pair, iPhone connectivity will not be a factor. I will try other brands and see which help my hearing the most.

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