Review of Costco Phonak hearing aids 4/20/16

by Jon
(Western Washington)

I purchased A set of Phonak hearing aids from Costco in January and have had a Great experience dealing with the staff at Costco in Olympia Wash.

This is my second set of hearing aids, bought the first set (Siemens bte) online and was pretty happy with them. After 7 years and progressively worse hearing problems, I thought the hearing loss in my left ear was unfixable.

The Staff at Costco has been great and said the could help me with my issues. WOW ! I now have hearing almost as good as I ever had ! Yes it sounds tinny and loud, but that's coming from very poor hearing.

I can now hear and understand the TV turned way down, I can understand my wife (!), and can understand conversations in a crowded room. I truly believe that you need to adjust your expectations, as these are hearing AIDS, not new ears.

In conclusion, most major brands of hearing aids are very good. The big difference is the quality and experience of the hearing aid specialist that you end up with.

It's like a Doctor, if you don't feel comfortable with the Audiologist you have, find someone else. It DOES make a difference ! And of course, PRICE!

Costco staff are salaried, not on a commission, and the end result is you pay about 1/2 of normal retail.
I am 74, and a very satisfied customer.

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