Review of Costco Phonak hearing aids.

by Dennis
(King of Prussia, PA, USA)

To keep it short:

Service was excellent with testing more extensive than my ENT and/or the recommended audiologist.

Cost was half of what I was quoted by the audiologist that had me try another brand's demos for a week.

Quality of what I got at Costco was better than what the audiologist was going to sell me.

I also tried the blue-tooth link to my iPhone. It was OK, but I never used it and was able to get my money back with no hassle. In fact the hearing aid fitter at the center stood in line for me to get my refund while I shopped.

Anyone who does not try Costco first before spending twice as much with an audiologist must have money to burn, or needs to have their head examined.

If your Costco store does not serve you well, then you probably need to go elsewhere, but you have 90 days to get a full refund. What have you got to lose?

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