Review of Costco Resound future BTE Hearing Aid

by Laurie Altfest
(Sullivan County, NY)

This is my second BTE hearing aid. My first was an Oticon and looked identical to this one but was purchased through an audiologist (ENT and Allergy) about 5 years ago. I hardly ever wore it because I didn't feel it helped me hear that much better.

So I will say that this hearing aid, the Resound Future,I wear all the time and there have been great tech advances. I definitely hear better with it than without, but I have been back at least 6 times for adjustments. And this last time, an ear mold was made for my ears because the domes that hold the microphone in the ears keep getting loose and this affects my hearing in a negative way. That was an additional $80 that I wasn't informed of before.

The price for the aids at $2600 is unbeatable, so I feel the value is great. The same
hearing aids retail "outside" Costco would be $6700. So that's all well and good but my problem is that I'm still saying the dreaded word, "what" more often than I want to, and in restaurants--which have their own program which I have and can control--I can never hear conversation because of the background noise. And if playing tennis, I definitely can't hear things being said. So the hearing aid is great for the TV which is definitely at a lower volume. But anytime there is background noise--like in life, EVERYWHERE, I have the same deficits. And at work when speaking to a group, I often need to have questions or comments repeated.

So I am feeling discouraged. Can I find true love with a hearing aid? I need to be able to hear your answer clearly!

Laurie Altfest

Thank you Laurie for your review of the Costco ReSound Future BTE hearing aid.

I hear a lot of the comments you make about hearing aids in general in my practice. Background noise is very difficult to manage. I fit the ReSound Alera in my practice which is comparable to the Costco ReSound Future. I have been told by a hearing instrument specialist at Costco that the Future is a "dumb downed" version of the Alera. In other words, you don't get all the bells and whistles with the Future. It would be interesting to try the Alera hearing aid to see if you noticed much improvement.

Ron Allander, BC-HIS

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May 28, 2018
resound future NEW
by: Anonymous

Why did resound stop making future hearing aids? I loved them,still have mine after 7 years,can't find anything to replace them.

May 12, 2013
BLUETOOTH phone hearing aid device
by: R Barnes

If you don't have hearing aid Bluetooth phone device; get it! WOW, what a fabulous feature!
I am thinking I may get this feature for watching TV and listening to music at home.

When I want to drive to an unknown location I call up navigation on my phone and either say the address or business name and with both 'sound in my ears' and 'visual on my phone'.

I am guided to my destination effortlessly! I also walk around with this feature on my phone not tied to my car; clear as a bell and stress free!

I always keep extra air batteries in my pocket for these hearing aids since I use them frequently and when traveling use them up frequently.

If you think I love this feature you should visit with my wife! She is who used to receive my desperate calls asking for help with directions getting from here to there, now she doesn't get these calls when I am in a tight spot! Good for our marriage and gives us something else to talk about then my hearing loss! :) LOVE-LOVE BLUETOOTH :))

Jun 13, 2012
ReSound Future Comments
by: Anonymous

I've had mine for 6 months and they have changed my life dramatically. For those of you commenting about having problems in noisy environments, like restaurants, conference rooms, etc., what I do is go to "program 2" which turns off the rear mics. This solved the problem for me.

Also, I had the tech program an "off mode" as program #3. Since there is no OFF button, this mode is simply set to zero DB gain, or no amplification. This is excellent when you just want a little quite without having to remove the aids.

Feb 21, 2012
Resound Future is not dumb-downed Alera
by: Anonymous

The Future is not a dumbed-down version of the Alera. That would be a stupid thing to do in business, have your brand name features out there (Natural directionality II, DFS Ultra, etc.) and have them work differently. If it was dumbed down they would have different names for the features. The features match the Alera 9.

There are a lot of adjustments possible with the Futures and I hear very well in noisy situations.

Feb 18, 2012
my first hearing aid
by: sherry Thompson

my hearing was just checked it was suggested that I get a hearing aid for social conversation and the Alera 7 was suggested. From your comment
I am worried that I may be wasting $5000. I also need it for HDTV

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