Review of Costco Rexton Cobalt Hearing Aids

by James Allee
(Oroville, Ca. U.S.A.)

I purchased Costco Rexton Cobalt hearing aids, have had nothing but trouble since.

To get Costco to send them back to the seller I had to make a complaint to Costco and to Rexton. They have never reduced background noise like promised in their literature.

My wife still has to order for me in a restaurant because I cannot hear the waitress. At first all background noise was so amplified that when my wife was doing anything in the kitchen is sounded like a demolition team in there.

Since the purchase Aug. 2009 I have been back many, many times. The right hearing aid quit working and the volume control on the remote would not work so they were sent back to the factory again.

Today I get them back, but had to set up an appointment to have them adjusted again as they did not have time to do it today because of their mix up in the appointment hours. I consider the $3,000.00 dollars I spent for the hearing aids the worst investment I have ever made.

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Apr 26, 2018
After service for Hearing aids sold by costco NEW
by: Anonymous

I had them repair to costco they didn’t seem to like even take in for service they just want me buy new one
I really feel bad about the costco after service

Mar 27, 2015
Cobalt issues
by: Mark Fisher

Your only mistake was getting them at a box store rather than a better trained fitter with years of experience.

Aug 09, 2014
General comment on Costco Rexton Cobalt Hearing Aids
by: Jim Butler

I noticed several reviews concerning the purchase of Rexton Colbalt hearing aids because they were the only aid that provided tips small enough for small ear canals.

I am 74 yrs old with very small ear canals and have had my share of aids. It has been my experience with BTE hearing aids(with microphones in tip) that you can usually use other manufactures brands tips and often find a better fit that way.

I have used Unitron tips on several different aids with better results then the original manufactures tips. Unitron seems to be at the cutting edge of tip variety and design. I hope this info is helpful.

Jul 31, 2014
Rexton Background noise
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem as another person here.

I have had Costco Rexton hearing aids for a little over two months. While I think the audiologist at Costco is doing everything he can for me to reduce the background noise so that I can hear speech, it is not working out that way. I feel that overall sounds are amplified and speech is unintelligible to me.

I have had 7 appointments in three months and the fellow at Costco said he would extend the return period if I would be willing to keep working with him to get the sound right. At this point, I will return the hearing aids as it is not getting any better.

Unfortunately for me, the other brands Costco carries do not offer really small domes for my very small ear canals.

Nov 04, 2012
Rexton Hearing Aids
by: James Allee

Since my last post about Costco Rexton hearing aids, they have not gotten any better, they have never reduced background noise, rather they amplify background noise.

Costco says they cannot be replaced because the warranty has run out and even though I purchased them with a Costco American Express credit card that was supposed to double the warranty the extended warranty only covers repairs, not replacement.

I was recently asked by a person going to Costco to purchase hearing aids what my opinion was and I told her be sure and not purchase Rextons. I am out $3,000.00 for a useless set of hearing aids.

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