Review of Costco service

by Morgan
(westchester new york)

I went in to Costco to buy the Kirkland but the audiologist told me my hearing was too impaired for the Kirkland. She said there would be no room for an ugrade if my hearing got worse?

She sold me the Brenafon for $2,700. I am beginning to fear she misinformed me.

I have the open ear Bernafon and they are OK but I really wanted the Kirkland for $1,800. Can anyone tell me if the Kirkland is suitable for moderate hearing loss?

It was also difficult for me to get her to understand that the hearing aids were falling out of my ear canal and off my ears. I kept saying that I was sure I needed longer wires and a different ear dome and she kept giving me excuses as to why I did not need them.

I went home the second time and thought it over and decided she just did not have them so I called back an said to her "Please order longer wires for me and a larger dome" and she said "OK" and told me she would call me when they arrived.

She did that and they no longer fall off my ears.
So in fact I did need the longer wires and larger dome Now I am wondering if in fact I should have been fitted for the Kirkland that she claimed I was not a candidate for.

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