"Review of dot2 by ReSound Hearing Aids"

by Somshekar
(Mangalore, karnataka, India)

Why does my ReSound Dot2 hearing aid becomes softer after few months, I hardly can hear the squeal.... is my hearing aid spoiled? or wax clogged in the HP receiver? or dust clogged on the microphone?

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Jun 24, 2014
Thank you for the feedback on ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aid
by: Anonymous

I agree totally with you, however, during the trouble shooting, it is observed that, even after changing the receiver the hearing aid is providing the same gain, the squeal was of feeble...Since the hearing aid is in working condition, no issues in connecting to hi-pro...if the humidity factor is affecting the hearing aids performance, the dehumidifier was regularly used....

Jun 23, 2014
ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aid Losing Power
by: Ron Allander NBC-HIS


It is possible that there may be some wax clogged in the receiver or the dome that fits over the receiver of the your ReSound Dot2 hearing aid.

Inspect the dome and the receiver for wax. The receiver will have either a red or blue filter at the very tip of the receiver. You may need to change this filter if it becomes clogged.

Is this your first hearing? It's also possible that after wearing your new hearing aids for several months that your brain has adjusted to the louder sounds produced by your hearing aid and now it seems like the instrument is not as powerful.

I would recommend making an appointment with your hearing instrument specialist or audiologist for a followup visit. They will be able to connect your hearing aid to the computer and increase the gain on your ReSound Dot2 hearing aid.

I hope this helps.

Ron Allander, BC-HIS
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