Review of my experience at Costco hearing aid center

by Roberto

I am currently wearing an Oticon hearing aid on one ear. My wife told me that Costco had a two for one price cheaper than one of mine as I was going to get the other aid at my current store for $2000.00.

I went to the center and looked at the hearing aids at $1799.00 for the pair. The reviews on this site rated them good. I bought mine from a referral from my doctor to an audiology office. I am very satisfied with the Oticon and I frequently forget I am wearing it.

The dispenser at Costco gave me a hearing test as they would not use my prescription for some reason. When I pointed out it came from a licensed audiologist he threw a fit and said I was offending him with my assertion that he was not qualified to test me.

I should of sent him to his "safe space" but I apologized for the comment. The testing was weird to say the least. A machine voice asked me to repeat words and a speaker was placed in front of me and gibberish was spoken by a woman in mixed languages for a minute. He said it was to test the hearing aid.

During the testing he set it to high frequencies only for some test and then I think he forget to put it back to normal. I was directed to walk around the store with demo aids and to adjust the volume as needed with a remote control. All I heard was high tones in a scratchy sound and I could not hear my wife standing in front of me.

When I spoke my voice was amplified very high and all scratchy. When I went back and said it was very uncomfortable the way it was set he said I did not know how a hearing aid worked and he could not help me further.

I put mine back in and the sound was normal again. Then the sales girl said I did not understand how an aid sounded. Again I came in the store with a hearing aid in my ear.I should have never gone to a dispensing store instead of a real audiology doctor.

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