Review of ReSound Alera 7 Hearing Aid

by Sanjiv Menezes
(Delhi, India)

I have been using this hearing aid for a month now. I have also been using two of the accessories:

1) ReSound Unite Remote control
2) ReSound Unite Phone clip

My initial feedback is as follows:

1) Hearing Aids : The performance is absolutely superlative. It is however a good idea to spend adequate time with your audiologist to get the settings right. This makes a big difference.

2) The Unite Phone clip is brilliant but there is a huge downside. Battery life is drastically reduced as Zinc-Air button cells are not designed for high discharge rates and their life is therefore drastically reduced when the phone clip is used. Besides, the phone clip stops functioning quite early on in the life of the battery and I have had this annoying experience of the feature suddenly switching off in the middle of a call!!

3) The remote control is really useful for adjusting the volume of the hearing aids which really helps from a comfort standpoint. Adjusting volume otherwise would be impossible. This itself makes this accessory well worth it.

Overall I am very happy with the performance of my hearing aids and feel this RIC mode is the best from a comfort, aesthetic, performance and battery life standpoint.

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Mar 12, 2012
Am considering Alera sold by COSTCO
by: Anonymous

I just had an audio exam at Costco and was told the model the person quoted me was Costco's version of the Alera model. Costco quoted $2600 for two hearing aids, but his probably does not include the remote volume control or any other items. So I am now researching Alera online and see the three different models - 5, 7 and 9 I was told I had mild hearing loss, where I could not hear sounds under 20db from 3K frequencies and up. I believe I could hear everything at 40db. Sounds I could not hear were like S and F. Hope this helps a little.

Feb 18, 2012
tell me more about resound alera 7
by: sherry

I had a hearing test yesterday, and this device was suggested. It is my first experience with a hearing aid, and seems quite expensive, $4750, so I want to make sure it is what I need and will use.
I have some high tone loss(40-50dec),but other sound levels are average range (20-30dec)
I work with a head set at work and can control the volume. I talk some on a cell,
How do you like the remote? How much extra?

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