Review of Resound Forza Hearing Aids

by Mike Colwell
(Beaverton, OR)

I resisted getting hearing aids because of:

2.sound quality

I have a moderate loss due to age, listening to music loud, family history.

I am an audiophile, and did not want life to sound crummy.

I finally got the ReSound Forza hearing aids, it takes some time to get used to the sound, as they do not make you hear like you were 16 again.

I have 3 programs in, and what a difference it makes in day to day living.

The most accurate description of the sound.
A film watched in a properly calibrated theater.
When you are at a first rate cinema, all the dialog, music, foley (sound effects, keys, car doors, etc), all sound great, but not for a minute do you think you are listening to real life.

That is precisely the sound I hear all day. I don't watch tv with them, and I watch all TV and films in a calibrated home theater, and often, I think "that's the sound I hear all day".

So, they are very highly recommend from a long time audiophile, and videophile.

Mike Colwell

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