Review of Rexton Hearing Aids at Costco

by Jody
(Levelland, TX, USA)

I write this review totally on the Rexton hearing aids at Costco. I have absolutely nothing against the Costco Hearing Aid Center. The staff at the Lubbock Texas Costco have been awesome.

I purchased the Rexton hearing aids about a year ago and they have been a problem from the start, however, the staff of the Lubbock Costco Hearing Aid Center was wonderful and worked with me and the manufacturer to try and get them fixed. There was a design flaw in the hearing aids and the bluetooth phone piece.

I have to give a "hats off" to Vickie Beyer the dispenser at the Lubbock Texas Costco for working with management of the store to exchange the hearing aids after a year for another manufacturer.

I would highly recommend Costco Hearing Aid Centers, however, I would not recommend Rexton Hearing Aids.

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