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Rexton hearing aids are sold by Rexton Incorporated out of Minnesota and are manufactured by Siemens. Siemens Hearing Instruments have been developing hearing equipment for the hearing impaired for over a century. From its beginning in 1878 when Werner von Siemens invented the phonophor, a telephone receiver for those suffering hearing loss, through the first hearing aid spectacles in 1957 the company has developed many cutting edge instruments.

Siemens also had the first BTE, ITE an instrument with interference suppression. Innovative, Siemens created the wireless Bluetooth enhancement system to allow hearing aids to communicate wirelessly. The company stays on top of technological advances and what is needed by the hearing impaired public through research and development in their own labs as well as going out amongst the people to make sure they are serving their needs in the best fashion.

Whether an individual is suffering from a mild hearing loss or has severe problems in hearing there is an aid to fit the need. Adults, teenagers, children and infants can all benefit from a Rexton hearing aid. Professionals have the opportunity to work with some of the finest software to test patients and fit the aids in a pleasing and comfortable manner. Since Rexton is backed by Siemens and their healthcare network there are a variety of hearing professionals to fit your particular need. Whether your hearing loss needs require an ENT doctor, audiologist, hearing aid specialist or an Otologist Rexton's network will have one available to visit with you.

Lifestyle Considerations

What goes into acquiring the perfect hearing aid for the user will be dependent upon several aspects. How much hearing has been lost, how the patient lives their everyday life, what technological buzzes and whistles will they wish to partake, what design is their favorite and is one or both ears experiencing the hearing loss? With all of theses questions in mind, Rexton hearing aids have been created to fit most any need.

Insite is considered one of Rexton's top of the line hearing aids. It comes equipped with technology to work with wireless devices, has 360° directional sound for capturing every little peep, can mimic the way in which the outer ear forms and propels the sound inward, focusing software so the user can hear what they want to hear and of course there is noise cancelling and feedback preventing technologies.

The Cobalt model is small and comes in natural tones so that it can remain discreet. This smaller Rexton hearing aid encompasses sound clarity and smoothing technology for a more perfect pitch when listening to music and the like. The Cobalt can be worn for long periods of time and when you grow tired of the color you chose for the aid, let your practitioner know and they can change it to a different one any time.

The little Gem offers a line of inconspicuous hearing aids that boast a fashion forward design. Loaded with automatic features the Gem is able to hear pretty realistically with its environmental and sound management systems. This model can also be used wirelessly.

Bridge is one of the newest Rexton hearing aids that covers a lot of the newest technologies available. BTE, ITE, and custom hearing aids offer this line to anyone with any type of hearing loss. This model can be used in a variety of wireless modes and has sound that is near perfect.

When your budget doesn't allow for many buzzes and whistles, one of the less expensive Rexton hearing aids is the Day model. CIC, open fit, and BTE hearing instruments come from this line. There is a wireless remote control and automatic technology with this multi-range aid.

When all is needed is a basic model then Arena is the choice to make. There aren't any fancy programs and technology with the Arena, but it does offer great sound quality with the range it carries. You also needn't worry about feedback.

Following is a list of the technologies that the Rexton hearing aids carry within.

• Focus 360° works better than other brand's directional microphones, allowing the user to hear alongside and behind.

• Blu RC or Blue Link allows streaming through Bluetooth wireless devices and can control the aid's functions.

• Wireless technology allows for program and volume control coupling on binaural instruments.

• Wireless assistant when wearing more than one hearing aid, this technology will sync them together.

• Feedback Preventer and Adaptive Feedback Cancellation System: no whistling, no feedback, plain and simple.

• Sound Radiance enhances the high pitches for a full and rich sound when listening to music.

• Sound Locator mimics the way sound plays within the outer ear so the user can pinpoint where the sounds are coming from.

• SoundSmoothing softens sudden sounds you may hear like the rustling of paper, clanging dishes or breaking glass.

• Multi-channel Adaptive Directional Microphone allows for speech to be heard more clearly when there is a lot of noise surrounding the user.

• Adaptive Environment Management allows for automatic adjustments to any soundscape.

• Rechargeable: you can recharge entire units so that power can last longer.

• Automatic Noise Reduction will analyze the incoming signals in real time while isolating background noise.

• Advanced Nano Coating protects the hearing aid from moisture and debris along with an inside sealant.

• Automatic Equalizer.

• Program Change Signal is available on the most basic models and the signal sounds when the program changes within the aid.

Rexton hearing aids can be complemented with various accessories. Blu RCU, which has been previously mentioned, is one of these accessories. You can stream telephone conversations from your cell phone, television, and music through your hearing aid wirelessly and with the digital sound it will be nice and clear. A remote control can be used with most lines to make it easier to adjust the settings on your aid.

With no two sets of ears being alike in the world, Siemens and Rexton hearing aids stays current with technology. There isn't a single model over two years old. As technology advances, so will the hearing instruments.

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