Costco Rexton Insite Hearing Aids

Now you can buy your groceries, toiletries, and Rexton Insite hearing aids at Costco.

Costco now has a line of hearing aids. Just like Sears, who began Allstate Insurance, Costco now has done the same for hearing aids. The audiologists vary in degrees of patience and skill, just as the Costco products vary in quality. While Kirkland hearing aids are their private label brand, one line of hearing aids also carried by Costco Rexton line. The Rexton Insite hearing aid is one of those available through Costco, but is not available at all hearing centers.

The Costco Rexton Insite hearing aid is a behind-the-ear model, but Rexton also offers in-the-ear models at Costco. The prices range from $899.99 to $1499.99, depending on the model you select. However, that doesn’t include the cost of a custom earmold if it’s necessary, or other options you may choose. It also varies by state, so if Aunt Millie in Schaumburg, Illinois might get the same model with all the same trimmings and pay a different price than you would in Kauai, Hawaii.

Not all Rexton models offer the same benefits. The Insite hearing instruments are Bluetooth capable. In order to add the Bluetooth technology, it costs extra, approximately $325.99. However, once added the option allows you to connect your hearing aid to the television, mobile cellular phone and other electronic devices. For those interested in Bluetooth technology for their hearing devices, Rexton Insite hearing aids offer two types of Bluetooth connectivity.

Rexton Bluetooth Technology

The Mini Blu RCU is tiny enough you can wear it tucked in a pocket or on a lanyard around your neck. It allows you to make two connections at once, so whether you’re listening to the television and want to be ready for phone calls or have two different telephones, you’re always ready without any adjustments.

Blu RCU also offers instant access to mobile phones, TVs, computers, MP3 players and more. It also acts as a remote control allowing you to increase or decrease the volume and program the changes you made. Sometimes hearing over the phone is difficult due to distracting background noises. The Blu RCU softens the background noise and eliminates feedback to make listening to a conversation the pleasure it should be. The signal alerting you to an incoming phone call allows you to make the decision whether you wish to take the call or let it go to voicemail. Blu RCU is the technology available for the Costco Rexton Insite hearing aid.

The Costco Rexton Insite Features

The Costco Rexton Insite hearing aid is one of the premium hearing aids in the Rexton line. Besides Bluetooth technology, the Rexton Insite offers feedback preventer, wireless assistant, Focus 360 degrees, SoundSmoothing, Sound Radiance, Multi-Channel Adaptive Directional Microphone, Sound Locator, rechargeability and Automatic Environment Management.

Focus 360 degrees: This program enhances speech, whether it’s behind you or to your side. It’s an additional method of increasing your ability to understand others and goes beyond the Multi-Channel Adaptive Directional microphone that allows you to focus in on those talking and cancel out background noise.

Wireless Assistant allows you to control the volume and performance of your hearing aid with the touch of a remote.

Sound Radiance enhances your perception of higher pitched tones. This enables you to appreciate the full, rich sound of music and improves the sound of the audio when using the Blu RCU Bluetooth connectivity.

Sound Locator makes the use of a hearing aid more like natural hearing. It aids you in locating the source of the sound you hear.

SoundSmoothing helps prevent the uncomfortable feeling that occurs when there’s a sudden loud sound. It softens the noise immediately.

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation System works faster than the whistling noise or other feedback that occurs in hearing devices. The Rexton Insite hearing aid recognizes and cancels feedback before you hear it.

The Automatic Environment Management programs your hearing device to note changes in the environments noise level and make the adjustments to adapt to those changes.

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