(Allison Park, PA)

Rexton QuadCore Hearing Aids took me almost 6-weeks to come to this conclusion. I faithfully wear the Rexton QuadCore hearing aids every day from 10 to 14 hours. Yes, at first the sounds I heard over the “hearing aid amplifier” were very loud and not very pleasant which included my own voice...but my brain is finally adapting to this "amplifier-sound". Also when necessary with the help of the remote (a must have device) I am able to adjust the hearing aids to a more comfortable volume (louder or softer) including lowering the background sounds. It is so wonderful to be able to hear much more clearly again...I have been told that my own speaking voice is now softer and I am again “learning-how-to- listen”.

My Rexton QuadCore hearing aids were purchased at Costco, Cranberry Twp, PA. I am very pleased with their two very well trained audiologists and the up-to-date equipment. I never once felt pressured, the audiologist thoroughly explained the tests that were given, etc. On the first of my three appointments, I was allowed to walk around Costco’s to test the hearing aids before purchasing them. My daughter tested me as she walked beside, behind, and in front of me speaking normally and softly. I could hear what she was saying...yes the other sounds in the store were very loud and annoying but I could hear and understand my daughter. On the second appointment I received my hearing aids…the audiologist programmed and tested them, also she patiently answered my questions. After wearing the hearing aids for approximately two more weeks (my third visit) the necessary adjustments were made to my hearing aids.

I am so thankful that my family insisted on me getting hearing aids…and making the appointment at Costco’s in Cranberry Twp, PA. After my third visit to Costco’s I mailed the copies of my Rexton QuadCore Hearing Aid purchase along with the Insurance Companies Form to my insurance company and to my surprise and delight I received a check for $2,500…less than $200 from my full purchase price (including the remote and charger.

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