Rude Costco Hearing Aid Specialist

by Carroll Brown
(Sunnyvale, TX)

On 9-21-12 I purchased a set of hearing aids from your Rockwall, Texas store for $2762.

I was told to stop by any time for an adjustment. On 10-23 I stopped by for slight adjustment on 1 hearing aid and was rudely told must have an appointment. I chalked it off as I must have misunderstood to JUST STOP BY.

On 10-30 I called and made an appointment for Friday 11-2 at 4:00 PM.

While walking into the store at 3:45 my phone rang and it was Kim from the hearing aid dept again rudely wanting to know why I did not make my 3:00 appointment. He said he left me a message.

I was taken back and asked if he called my cell phone or home phone (which he did not have the #) and he said home.

I ask "wasn't my appointment at 4" and he said "yes but he had a conflict and I changed it".

When I got home after a 30 mile drive I had no messages on my home phone.


Don't tell me to just stop by unless you mean it.

After your sale you don`t care.

At this point you may be getting the hearing aids back since I have 90 days to decide.

Carroll Brown

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