Phonak Savia Hearing Aids

Savia hearing aids are manufactured by Phonak. Phonak is one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers based out of Sweden.

Phonak Savia Art is one of the product lines offered and is fully customizable to your hearing needs.

Savia hearing aids come in 12 different styles for you to choose from. The Savia Art comes in various custom fit hearing instruments including CIC (completely-in-canal), ITc (in-the-canal), and ITE (in-the-ear). It also comes in various BTE (behind-the-ear) configurations including open fitting and RIC (receiver-in-canal).

The Phonak Savia hearing aids were rated as a Premium digital hearing aid in the 2008 Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids. This is the guide's highest rating.

Audiological Key Features of the
Phonak Savia Art Hearing Aid

20 Channel Dynamic Range Compression for more comfortable listening to various loudness levels.

Auto Focus helps locate the sound source and suppress irritating sounds and noise.

SoundCleaning helps to improve the sound quality. It addresses listening conditions when wind, echo, or other background noises are present.

Auto Pilot recognizes several sound environments. Then it automatically selects one of up to six pre-programmed memories. The memories include quiet situations, speech in noise, comfort in noise, music, telephone, and wireless accessories.

Data Logging records and stores your personal use listening preferences. Your hearing specialist can then make adjustments to your hearing aid based on the data logs.

NoWhistle Technology removes annoying whistling or feedback.

What exactly does this mean for you the consumer?

What all of this translates to is: when you where the Savia hearing aids you will find your hearing to be

natural, adjusting to every different situation you live through without the hassle of unwanted noise and less of a chance that you miss out on conversation

in loud or quiet situations. Digital bionics are used within the digital hearing aids that come in 12 different styles to fit your particular tastes and lifestyle and the Savia line also comes with optional equipment to suit your individualism better than other brands.

Savia Art is a smaller behind-the-ear aid but with the punch and power of a larger model. Virtually unnoticeable, speech is understandable and listening comforting and the come available with a micro tube or an earmold.

A low battery warning will be heard every 30 minutes until it is replaced. The Savia hearing aids accepts two types of batteries: the 312, which is standard and lasts longer than the size 10 battery.

Savia Art Offers a Complete Range of Modern Remote Controls

WatchPilot2 has a casual look and offers remote capabilities as well as tell time. It's actually a watch that has a remote for a hearing aid built in.

SoundPilot2 is a remote control device about the size of a smaller TV remote and the KeyPilot2 is somewhat the size of a key fob with general controls.

The best manner in which to use these with your Savia hearing aid is to hold them around eight inches from your face, roughly at nose level. Other optional equipment includes those that can boost the sound level for better hearing in certain situations.

The ML9i FM receiver can be added to your hearing aid for clearer sound.

MyLink is a wireless system that will aid you when you are in particularly noisy situations or when you are too far away to hear what you wish to hear or when there is definite reverberation coming through your Savia Art. You can where this around your neck and it can also be linked through a Bluetooth, your TV, radio or telephone.

Also for the telephone is EasyPhone. This is a magnet when used in conjunction with your normal use of the telephone can amplify the sound to make it clearer.

Lastly, the Savia can come equipped with Telecoil, which can be used with compatible telephone hearing systems or loop systems as a program to listen on these phone systems.

As you can see, if you lead an active lifestyle or your hearing needs change often due to the life situations you face, the Savia hearing aid from Phonak would be an excellent addition to your life, offering many benefits for concise and clear hearing.

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