Serious problems at Costco hearing aid department

by Unsatisfied Costco Customer
(San Diego, California)

I had an appointment at Costco's hearing aid department in Carmel Mountain on Oct. 10. The hearing aids I have on loan from Scripps are twice as much as those at Costco, and they are not covered by my health insurance. My audiologist at Scripps made it very clear that I could try the hearing aids on loan for 30 days and then pay for and keep one, both, or neither.

The woman who led me into the hearing aid booth at Costco did not say hello or introduce herself to me. I finally asked her what her name was. She continued to be rude while she asked me questions for her questionnaire, and when she found out that I already have hearing aids on loan from my audiologist, she said, "I don't like this. You finish your business with her before you do your business here!" I told her that I was going to buy hearing aids at Costco. She said, "Go home and think about it before you come back." I reiterated that I was going to buy hearing aids. She said, "I have a bad feeling about this."

I went back at 3:00 on Oct. 16 to pick up my hearing aids. I estimated the appointment would be 45 minutes and made another appointment nearby for 4:00. She did not greet me when I arrived or make eye contact with me.

We went in the booth and she didn't say a word me. She tried to sync up the hearing aids to the computer but kept getting an error message. It took her a half hour to get them working. She still had not spoken to me.

I asked her how long the appointment was supposed to be, and when she said one hour, I said that I needed to leave at 3:50 and asked if she wanted me to reschedule since a half hour had already passed. She said, "No, I don't want you to reschedule." I stayed, and in 20 minutes she tried to get an hour appointment in.

Despite her measuring my ears the week before, the plastic cord that goes from the hearing aid to the piece in my ear was too long, so the hearing aid did not sit on top of my ear where the speakers are supposed to be but behind it. When she first looked at one of the hearing aids, she said that the technician who works there had put the plastic cord on backwards.

I put them on and she said, "How do they sound?" We were in a sound-proof booth and she was not talking to me or putting anything on the computer for me to listen to. I was sitting there in silence and I was supposed to know how they sounded.

She dumped everything into a brown box, handed it to me, and said to make an appointment for two weeks later. I left with hearing aids I did not know how to operate because I had not tried the buttons myself, and the cord was the wrong length.

I do not want to go to another Costco hearing aid center because I have lost confidence in that department. I had NEVER had a Costco employee who was rude before this. The hearing aids at Scripps are expensive, but they are the right length, the audiologist had them synced to the computer before I arrived, and she made sure I understood how to use them before I left less than an hour later.

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Mar 08, 2017
Kirkland hearing aids
by: Ron

Much of this costco bashing is the store you go to. I got mine at the Wilsonville, OR store. Not too crowed and the folks were very nice and when I lost the first pair I got a new pair w/o question since they were under warrantee. I now go the the store in La Mesa, CA and the people there are nice and cordial. I have never met anybody like the previous folks. I got a good price and service and intend on staying with them.

Jul 22, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have not used Costco for hearing aids or testing. Simply called the location in Culver City as I read you need an appointment. It took a very long time for a voice mail response. I did leave a message yesterday morning, and have not received a call back. After reading these other comments, I'm inclined to go elsewhere.

Jun 18, 2016
by: Anonymous

When seeking a service for hearing aids, by all means, be sure you see an audiologist, which I believe leaves Costco out, as it is my undertanding they do not employ audiologist, but rather 'hear aid technicians'. Amen

May 05, 2016
Bad customer service at Carmel Mtn Costo Hearind Aid Center
by: Anonymous

I had the same bad experience with the audiologist at Carmel Mtn Costco. Always ┼Ľude, had a big chip on her shoulder for some reason with me. Being fitted for the first time, I had lots of questions.

I felt she was knowledgeable with 20 plus years of experience, but she just didn't like me for some reason. That's how she made me feel. After several two week interval retest sessions and getting the same attitude from her, I finally returned the product and took my business elsewhere.

Jul 17, 2015
Costco service is NOT the best
by: Anonymous

I have Kirkland hearing aids and I like them very much but I have to agree that it's hard to get good service at Costco hearing aid centers. I've tried San Bernardino (where I used to live and where I bought them); Morena in San Diego (closest to home); and La Mesa (because someone at that store was nice on the phone).

I've shown up to scheduled appointments (Morena) only to be told the technician was out that day; shown up for scheduled appointments (La Mesa) and had to wait quite awhile for the technician to show up - late lunch or something? In San Bernardino the technician was rude and dismissive (he's now gone, so I'm not writing this to make his life miserable)

Half the time if you telephone, no one answers.
If you leave a voice mail, sometimes they call back and sometimes they don't. Once you get an appointment - well, see above.

The last time I went in (Morena) the technician was new and I knew more about programming than she did - at least I knew what COULD be programmed (for instance certain types of sounds). She had to figure out how to do it. Clearly she had spent very little time with the software. Maybe she knows more now, although another problem is they move these people around a lot from what I can tell.

Nov 03, 2014
Costco hearing aid department
by: Anonymous

This article doesn't really reflect our practices at Costco. It is in fact far from the truth. It is obvious that Costco plays a disruptive role in the hearing aid industry and some are very unhappy with it. Therefore, they try to bash Costco under the disguise of "disaffected customer". Costco takes the most unethical practice of commission out of its practices, pays good wages and benefits, made hearing aids affordable by cutting the middle men who are always price gauging the hearing impaired. Costco bring the prices down so that we can help more people hear better, and also enhanced the quality of its offerings by adding top brand manufacturers to its line up. Long live Costco

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