Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aids Reviews

Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aids Are for Active People

If you love shooting the rapids in a rubber raft or hiking across the desert on a hot summer day, you’ll want to investigate Siemens Aquaris hearing aids. The design of these hardy hearing aids are for the active person who doesn’t want to worry about dust, shock or water ruining their hearing device if he participates in activities he loves. These heavy-duty hearing aids take the punishment and still give the user continued listening enjoyment.

The Aquaris is waterproof and has a sealed housing shell. Siemens even sealed the battery door. Its Ingress Protection Rating IP57 certified, which means it is waterproof when submerged in up to three feet of water for a maximum of thirty minutes.

Water isn’t the only enemy of hearing aids. That’s why the Siemens Aquaris hearing aids are also sweat and dust proof too. As easily as it sheds water, it will also repel your, perspiration, dirt and any dust you encounter. That’s because of the moisture resistant surface. You’ll have to worry about corrosion because the watertight housing protects it.

Your hearing device is as rugged as you are, so you don’t have to worry about a few bumps and bounces. The shape makes it almost impervious to shock and the soft-touch lacquer coating adds to the protection. The exterior soft rubber surface is not only scratch proof but helps you keep a good grip on it even if your hands are wet or slippery and keeps it snuggly nestled next to your ear. If that isn’t enough protection, it also comes with a sports clip you can attach for a little extra protection in severe conditions.

Even if you don’t participate in water sports, your Siemens Aquaris hearing aids can allow you to enjoy walking in the rain or even taking a shower after a workout without worrying whether you’ll damage your hearing aid. It makes it perfect for the teen that doesn’t want to be even more self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid created when he has to take it off and put it back on, just to hit the showers.

Besides the rugged exterior, Siemens included some phenomenal technology into the Aquaris. It also comes in two models, giving you the choice of technology and price. The two models are the Aquaris 701 and the Aquaris 501. The 701 offers 16 channels for more fine tuning options, while the 501 offer 12, even though fewer, still impressive.

Features of the Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aids

SpeechFocus: Sometimes a lively discussion takes place in a car; you don’t always have the option of facing the speaker, particularly if you’re in the front. SpeechFocus automatically hones in on speech and allows you to be part of the dialogue. This option is available on the 701 model.

Directional Microphones: This multi-channel adaptive feature is available on both the 701 and 501 Siemens Aquaris hearing aids. It helps to soften noises and allows you to stay part of the conversation easier.

SoundBrilliance: Sometimes high-frequency sounds are difficult to hear even with a hearing aid. The SoundBrilliance feature, which is on both models, extends them to give you a fuller listening experience.

FeedbackStopper: You should be the one whistling, not your hearing aid. FeedbackStopper eliminates the whistle caused by feedback instantly so it never has to embarrass you again. This feature is on both Siemens Aquaris hearing aid models.

SoundSoothing: Hearing aids don’t have to magnify all sounds, including annoying ones and sudden ones, not if you have SoundSoothing as one of the features. Both the 701 and 501 offer the feature of SoundSoothing so your listening is far more pleasurable.

TruEar: With older hearing devices, you couldn’t always pinpoint where the sound originated. TruEar, a feature on both models of Siemens Aquaris hearing aids, is more like listening with your natural ear and helps you locate the direction of the sound.

Sound and Noise Management: Both the 701 and the 501 offer this feature, which enhances speech while reducing the background noise, making conversation easier even in a noisy environment.

E2e wireless 2.0: You’ll never worry about your hearing aids working together because of the e2e wireless 2.0 feature available on both models of Siemens Aquaris hearing aids.

eWindScreen: Why spoil a day in the sun and wind with the howling of wind drowning out others conversation. eWindScreen softens the sound of the wind and is a feature of both models.

SoundLearning and SoundLearning 2.0: Both features learn your sound and volume preferences and then adapts to them. However, the SoundLearning 2.0, available only on the model 701 Siemens Aquaris hearing aids, also considers the listening environment.

DataLearning: DataLearning is another feature that personalizes the hearing aid. It learns your volume preferences and then adapts the hearing device to them. It’s available on both the 701 and the 501.

DataLogging: DataLogging is like having your hearing professional with you continuously. That’s because this feature records data while you wear the hearing aids and saves it for your next visit to the hearing specialist. He can then use the information to fine-tune your Siemens Aquaris hearing aids.

Five Different Programs: Both models offer five programs you can set for various listening environments. You can set one for noisier areas such as restaurants and make another for quieter listening environments, such a night cuddled around the fireplace.

ProPocket: These rugged Siemens Aquaris hearing aids are perfect for men. The hearing devices are not only made for active sports-minded people, they even come equipped with a remote control called the ProPocket and what man can resist a remote? This option is available on both the ePen: If a standard remote isn’t convenient for you to use during meetings or other places, you can disguise adjusting your hearing device with the use of ePen. Just a twist of the ePen and you can make your adjustments without anyone else knowing. This feature is also on both the 501 and the 701.

miniTech: One of the problems with hearing aids in the past is that cells phones were almost impossible to use when wearing them. Now miniTech makes not only the use of a cell phone possible, it also makes other devices such as MP3 players, computers and televisions easier to listen to because it sends the sound from the device, directly to the hearing aid by simply touching a button. This small streamer and remote is available for both models of Siemens Aquaris hearing aids.

Tek: Tek also connects the wearer directly to listening devices such as telephones. The program buttons make it far easier to use and intuitive. This feature is available on both models. Both the Tek and the miniTech function perfectly with Bluetooth enabled phones and listening devices to turn the hearing aids into headsets.

The Siemens Aquaris hearing aids are perfect for teens and active adults. Nevertheless, you don’t have to run a marathon to appreciate the Bluetooth technology and the ability to hear clearer both with a cell phone and without. The rugged durable exterior is great for those active either socially or in their work environment. It prevents a hearing loss from taming your life and your spirit. You can now participate in life, while hearing even the softest sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet.

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