Siemens Cielo Hearing Aids

Siemens Cielo hearing aids can give you the opportunity to hear with clarity and focus.

This mid-range hearing instrument was made for people who engage in an active lifestyle.

They are water resistant and are built to reduce noise caused by wind and to eliminate annoying feedback. They can adjust themselves to the environment in which they are present and offer automatic and adaptable modes for microphone direction.

Each hearing aid has six digital programmable channels and has individual hearing programs for microphones, Tele-coil, and other avenues of audio input. Each Cielo hearing instrument is capable of logging data of their own performance. Finally, this hearing enhancement technology is made complete with a pocket remote control which allows digital adjustment of volume.

Key Audiological Features

• Six digital programmable channels

• Settings for microphone and tele-coil listening

• Automatic Data Performance Logging

• Automatic Environmental Detection and adjustment

• Automatic and Manual Settings for Microphone Listening

• eWindscreen to cut down on wind noise

• ePocket remote control

The Siemens Cielo offers several options for batteries and power. They can be powered by conventional hearing aid batteries.

A rechargeable battery option is also available with the receiver-in canal model. The RIC model requires a 13 size battery. The open-fit or Cielo Life instrument takes a 312 hearing aid battery.

Not only are Siemens hearing aids made with up to date technology, but they are also stylish and customizable.

They are very small in size. Come in eleven fashionable colors: pearl white, granite, grey, brown, black, beige, silver, golden blonde, sandy brown, chestnut and charcoal.

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