Siemens Hearing Aid Batteries

The Siemens brand has always stood for the highest level of quality and reliability. Siemens hearing aid batteries excel by the same high quality and long lasting life. This ensures stable voltage and distortion-free amplification. The hearing aid batteries will work in your hearing aid whether it is a digital or analogue instrument.

Siemens hearing aid batteries are only available from a hearing aid dispenser. You will not be able to find them at your local pharmacy or grocery store. They come in a rotary pack and have an especially long tab that be used to insert the battery into the hearing aid easily.

Finding the right hearing aid is about considering the right design of hearing aid for your personal use, and it is essential for everything to be taken into account when considering which hearing aid is the correct one for you. The design of the hearing aid may determine what size battery your hearing aid takes and how long it will last.

I have listed Siemens most popular hearing aids below and their battery size. Custom fit hearing aids battery sizes may vary somewhat depending on the size of your ear. For example, most ITC or In-the-Canal hearing aids will use a 312 size hearing aid battery. However, if your ear is smaller than the average ear, the manufacturer may use a size 10 battery which is considerably smaller than the size 312 battery. The reason they use the smaller battery is because they need room in the shell for the receiver and other parts of the hearing aid so it all fits inside.

Custom Fit Sizes

Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) and Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) hearing aids will typically use size 10 Siemens hearing aid batteries. It would be very rare for an IIC or CIC hearing aid to use any size larger than the size 10 battery.

The In-the-Canal (ITC) hearing aids generally use a size 312 battery. Although, as noted above, some ITC hearing instruments may use the smaller size 10 battery.

The In-the-Ear (ITE) hearing aids will typically use a size 13 battery. These custom fit hearing aids also could be called a Full Shell or Half Shell hearing aid as well. Again, the manufacturer may decide to use the smaller 312 sized battery if they need the extra room inside the aid for the receiver.

Siemens Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) Hearing Instruments

The Siemens Pure Carat is a high powered Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing aid. This hearing device can use up to a 75db receiver and requires the larger size 13 Siemens hearing aid batteries. You can use a standard zinc air or rechargeable 13 battery.

The Siemens Pure Limited Edition RIC and Siemens Pure RIC use the size 312 hearing aid battery. A rechargeable battery is available for this instrument.

The Siemens Pure Special Edition RIC is the smallest receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid and only uses a size 10 or 10a hearing aid battery.

Siemens Aquaris BTE is a truly waterproof hearing aid and uses a size 13 hearing aid battery.

Siemens Life Open-fit BTE uses the 312 Siemens hearing aid batteries.

The Siemens Motion and Explorer behind-the-ear hearing aids both use a size 13 hearing aid battery. However, only the Siemens Motion has an optional rechargeable battery.

Siemens Nitro super power BTE hearing aid requires the larger 675 hearing aid battery.

Siemens offers a rechargeable battery charger and batteries for some of the Behind-the-Ear and Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing aids called the eCharger.

picture of Siemens Battery Charge for rechargeable hearing aids

The eCharger is the perfect solution for hearing aid wearers who have difficulty seeing or handling tiny hearing instrument batteries or just want the added level of convenience. The eCharger also electronically dries the instruments overnight, without the need for additional desiccant capsules. It has an optional Car Charger.

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