Siemens Hearing Aids
The Journey Began More Than 130 Years Ago

Siemens Hearing Aids is one the most recognized names among hearing aid manufacturers. Siemens hearing aids account for more than twenty percent of all hearing aids on the market today among all its brands.

Siemens is often credited with being the inventor of the hearing aid.

In 1878, Werner von Siemens invented the phonophor, a special telephone receiver for individuals with hearing loss. Then in 1910 Siemens introduced the first line of hearing instruments originally intended for their hearing impaired employees and family members.

Siemens was awarded a patent for a compact, pocket sized carbon microphone amplifier device that was suitable for pocket instruments in 1924. Siemens hearing aids launches its first behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid in 1959. Then just seven years later in 1966, Siemens introduces the first in-the-ear (ITE) hearing instrument.

Today Siemens Hearing Aids continues to invest heavily in the research and development of technically advanced hearing devices.

Hearing Device or Luxury Sports Car?

Pure, Life, and Motion are the latest line of Siemens hearing aids. It can be very difficult to know exactly what level of technology you are getting when choosing hearing aids. Siemens wanted to make it easy for you when it comes time to get help for your hearing.

They looked to another great company in Germany for guidance, BMW. As you may know, BMW has several different styles or series of their luxury sports cars. The 700 Series is their "flagship" or top of the line model. The 500 Series is the mid-range model. The entry level model is the BMW 300 Series and 100 Series.

Siemens hearing aids did the same thing. The top of the line models are the Pure 700 Series, Life 700 Series, and the Motion 700 Series. Siemens Motion 500, Life 500, and Pure 500 are the mid-range technology and price hearing instruments. By now I'm sure you kinda of get the idea.

Siemens Pure. It Hides So You Can Shine.

The Siemens Pure hearing aids come in two styles. The receiver-in-canal (RIC) is one of the most popular open fit hearing aids. A completely in the canal (CIC) custom fit hearing instrument is suitable for wearers who do not want a device behind-the-ear (BTE) such as the RIC.

Pure comes in four different technology levels. Siemens hearing aids first introduced the Pure 700, Pure 500, and Pure 300 series. Then in 2010, they added the Pure 701, Pure 501, Pure 301 and Pure 101 to its line of hearing devices. The newest version added Best Sound™ Technology and a new entry level Pure 101 hearing aid.

The Best Sound™ Technology with its three key innovations is the latest contribution to a long list of developments Siemens has brought to the market. These three key innovations include Speech Focus, Feedback Stopper, and Sound Learning™ 2.0.

Speech Focus continuously analyzes the environment for the most favorable speech-to-noise ratio, and automatically selects the microphone configuration which has the potential to offer the best speech intelligibility for you, regardless of whether speech is coming from the front, behind, or the side.

Feedback Stopper chooses the best Sound Comfort. It eliminates unwanted or embarrassing feedback or whistling before you would ever hear it.

Sound Learning 2.0 is the most sophisticated learning algorithm on the market which best adapts to your individual preferences. Automatically steered by an intelligent acoustic situation detector, Sound Learning 2.0 allows you to teach the hearing aid which listening situations are the most comfortable or easiest to hear.

Siemens Life Offers Style for You, the Individual

Siemens Life hearing aids is only offered in the open tube fitting from Siemens Hearing Aids. It was originally designed for people who previously avoided seeking help for their hearing loss due to the stigma associated with big ugly hearing aids. Siemens Life is sleek, small, and beautiful. It is the smallest Siemens behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid.

It also is the most stylish. Choose a fashion color. Fashion colors come in Suave, Mod, Charming, Berry Charming, Chic, and Fresh. It is also available in tentraditional "Blend-in" colors. Choose from the following colors: Beige, Brown, Black, Granite, Grey, Sandy Brown, Chestnut, Golden Blonde, Pearl White, and Silver Metallic. The housing of the Life hearing aid is easily removed to changes colors or to create your own color combinations or floral patterns!

Since it's only offered in the slim tube open fitting, it is most suited for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss concentrated in the mid to high frequency ranges.

The Siemens Life hearing aids were initially offered in the Life 700, Life 500, and Life 300 models. Like its sister, the Pure, Siemens added the Life 701, Life 501, Life 301, and Life 101 in 2010. Best Sound™ Technology comes standard in the Life 701, 501, 301, and 101 models.

The memory and volume controls are not located on the hearing aid for the Siemens Life 700, Life 500, and Life 300. If you want to adjust volume or change memories, you must purchase one of three remote controls that Siemens offers. They are the Tek, ePen, or ProPocket remotes.

Not all remotes can used with every hearing instrument. The Tek remote can be used with Life 701, 700, 501, 500, and 301 models. The ePen and ProPocket remotes can be used with any model except the Life 101. A remote is not available with the Siemens Life 101 hearing aid. A push button was added with the Siemens Life 701, 501, 301, and 101 to change memories and to power on and off the hearing aid.

Siemens Motion Making it Easy

Siemens Motion hearing aids are designed to make hearing easy for you. It's packed with all the latest technology to provide you with the utmost in sound quality and clarity. Motion is fully automatic, so even in complex listening environments there's no need to change programs or adjust the volume settings.

When it comes to hearing solutions, less is definitely more. Siemens Motion's smaller size means greater comfort, convenience, and discretion. The Siemens Motion behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid is both small and ergonomically shaped so it sits comfortably behind your ear. And its optional, ultra thin tube fitting gives the added benefit of an open fitting. Motion also comes in the custom fit in ear models. It is available in a full shell, In-the-Ear (ITE) model. In-the-Canal (ITC) and completely in the canal (CIC) fittings are also available.

Siemens initially offered Motion in the 100, 300, 500, and 700 models. Siemens hearing aids then added the Motion 701 and 501 hearing aids in 2010. The Best Sound technology is standard in the Motion 701 and 501 models.

Motion has all the right connections. It's available with a choice of remote control devices. The ProPocket and the ePen are small enough to fit in your shirt pocket or purse.

You can also choose the Tek wireless enhancement system. If you enjoy watching TV and listening to music, then you may want to seriously consider the optional Tek. With the Tek, you can wirelessly connect to your TV, MP3 player, mobile phone, or other audio sources directly to your Siemens Motion hearing aids via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Motion offers you several clear benefits. If you're watching TV with Tek and the phone rings, you can use Tek to answer the call and it will automatically switch to the telephone mode. You now can enjoy the voices of loved ones sent directly to your ears. Hang up, and Tek will switch back to the TV mode again. It's as easy as that.

All Siemens Motion BTEs are rechargeable. No hassle of replacing batteries. The optional battery charger also dries the hearing instruments. Charger is equipped with an electronic drying function and recharges batteries in about six hours.

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Past Generations

Siemens developed their first receiver-in-canal (RIC) in early 2007. The first two models developed were the Centra Active and the Cielo 2 Active.

Other models available in the open-fit configuration were the Centra LIfe, Artis 2 Life, Cielo 2 Life, and Intuis Life.

This generation of Siemens hearing aids offered six to sixteen channels of digital signal processing.

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