Siemens Life Hearing Aids Reviews

Siemens Life Hearing Aids for Those Who Want Style

Hearing aids are now power packed with style. In fact, many look like the receivers for Bluetooth capable phones. Siemens Life hearing aids are some of the most stylish. They come in two different types of casings. One has a contemporary two multicolored design and the others are single toned. You can match them to your favorite accessories or simply choose a color, which blends with your skin tone or hair color for a discreet look.

The hearing aids are for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and are instant fit. That means there’s no unpleasant fitting at the hearing specialists, only to wait for your actual hearing aid. Because the receiver in the ear or the ear hook model doesn’t plug the ear canal, even new users will find them easy to wear as soon as they try them. There’s no occlusion caused by blocking the ear canal, so they don’t have that stuffed up “hear your own voice echoing” feeling.

Siemens Life hearing aids come in four models and two styles for your budget and your personal needs and preferences. They all have the ability to change the outer shell quickly if you decide to change your hair color or simply change your mind. Within minutes your hearing specialist can put a new case on your hearing device and it will look like a brand new one, without paying the brand new price.

Of course, those who want a hearing aid that functions well with all the listening devices of today such as the cell phone, television or even in movie theatres will love the fact that the Siemens Life hearing aids have the option for Bluetooth capability. Now you can make your hearing device your own personal headset and enjoy these pleasures like everyone else…except through your hearing aids, which in many cases are far more stylish than the Bluetooth headsets.

You don’t have to live with hearing loss and the new instant fit hearing aids such as Life helps you immediately. These are no longer Grandpa’s hearing aids but offer sleek, small styling and almost invisible appearance. Hearing loss, if left untreated can leave you feeling isolated and frustrated, as well as frustrating those around you. Often people with untreated hearing loss close themselves off from others because listening becomes so difficult. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore with the new technology and discreet hearing devices such as Siemens Life hearing aids.


SoundBrilliance: SoundBrilliance, available on the 701 and 501 models helps to improve the high-frequency sounds so you can enjoy your listening experience more. For those who have difficulty in with high frequency sounds, this feature on Siemens Life hearing aids is important.

SoundBalance: If you have the optional Tek feature, you can also get SoundBalance on the 701, 501 and 301 models. You can adjust the treble to individualize your listening experience to fit your preferences.

e2e Wireless 2.0: The e2e wireless 2.0 feature synchronizes your signals to both the hearing devices. It processes the sounds for improved sound localization.

TruEar: If you’ve ever worn hearing aids before and found it was difficult to tell where a sound came from, because of the way the hearing aids functioned, you’ll appreciate the TruEar feature. This feature on Siemens Life hearing aids is available on the 701 and 501 models. It can simulate nature’s acoustics, allowing you to locate the direction from which the sound came.

AGC-O Output Limitation: This program for the Siemens Life hearing aids has a multi-channel output limiting ability to help reduce loud sounds and prevent them from becoming overpowering and uncomfortable. The 701 has 16 channels with four programming handles. The 501 is 12 channels with four handles also. In the 301, there are eight channels with one handle and the 101 has six channels with one handle.

AGC-1 Compression System: The AGC-1 compression system is a fancy way of saying channels. You can program the multi-channels for your own listening preference. The number of channels varies with the model you purchase with the 701 having 16, the 501 with 12, the 301 with 8 and the 101 with 6 channels.

SpeechFocus: New Siemens Life hearing aids are far smarter than those Grandpa had. SpeechFocus is one of those smarter features. It allows the hearing device to focus on the most dominant speech signal so you can understand the speaker better. It picks up the signal anywhere, even behind you, so you no longer have to face the speaker to be part of the conversation. It’s a great feature if you’re driving a car and need to hear the conversation in the back seat. This is only available on the 701 model.

FeedbackStopper: If you’re hearing aid whistles more than you do, it’s time for a change. You no longer have to face those embarrassing feedback noises with the FeedbackStopper feature available on all the hearing aid models.

Speech and Noise Management: Background noise can take a toll on hearing conversations well. Speech and Noise management on the Siemens Life hearing aids reduces the sounds of background noise while it enhances speech. There are various level of noise reduction with 7 on the 701 model, dropping down to 5 on the 501, and three on both the 301 and 101.

Sound Smoothing: Sudden loud noises can be even more uncomfortable when you’re wearing a hearing aid. That’s where SoundSmoothing plays an important role. It isolates and softens those noises. While it’s not available on the 101 Siemens Life hearing aids, there are on/off levels in the 301 and off plus three steps in both the 701 and 501 models.

eWindscreen: The sound of the wind can be a beautiful thing, but not when it sounds like thunder when blowing into your hearing aid. eWindscreen softens wind noises for more comfortable listening quality. It’s available on all models of the Life hearing aid.

Advanced Directional Microphone System: If you’ve had difficulty hearing speech in a noise filled background, you’re not alone. That’s why the Advanced Directional Microphone System is so important. It helps to soften the background noise so you can hear speech better. Every model has a form of this feature with the 701 and 501 having an automatic multi-channel adaptive feature, the 301 having an automatic adaptive feature and the 101 simply having an automatic feature.

SoundLearning: The 501, 701 and 301 all have a form of SoundLearning. The SoundLearning 2.0 in the 701 Siemens Life hearing aids allows your hearing aid to learn and adapt the device to your listening preferences and the type of listening environment. On the 501 model, SoundLearning adjusts for sound preferences but not for the listening environment. The 301 offers DataLearing that adapts the volume level to the different environments.

DataLogging: All the models of hearing devices offer DataLogging. The feature records the different settings you use, volume and programs, and then makes the information available to the hearing specialist at your next appointment so you can fine tune your device.

Tek: This optional feature of the 701, 501 and 301 models of Siemens Life hearing aids turns your hearing devices into Bluetooth receivers and allows you to use the hearing devices with any Bluetooth compatible listening instrument.

ProPocket and ePen: Who doesn’t love a remote? The ProPocket is an optional remote you can use to change channels and volume on your hearing devices. Of course, using a remote in some situations isn’t always the most comfortable or appropriate, that’s why Siemens also created the ePen. It looks like a pen but with just a twist, you can adjust your hearing aid with nobody being the wiser. Both of these remote devices are available on the 301,501 and 701 models.

You’ll find the Siemens Life hearing aids are perfect for those who want the advancement of hearing technology without the obvious old fashioned hearing aid. You can hear better after your first visit with the instant fit capability of these hearing aids.

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