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Siemens Motion Hearing Aids Offer Future Technology NowSince 1924, when Siemens produced their first carbon microphone/amplifier that was pocket-sized to amplify sound, they’ve played a major role in the development of hearing devices. While the technology was limited compared to today’s hearing devices, it was a dramatic breakthrough in improving listening ability for those with hearing impairment. Today Siemens is a leader in hearing technology, with one of their major products the Siemens Motion hearing aids. Motion hearing aids come in two different styles behind-the-ear and in-the-ear, with several different types in each category.

While many hearing aids receive the sound of television, computers, MP3s and telephones, then increase the volume as it would any other sound, the sound from these audio devices goes from the television or audio device directly into the hearing aid as the receiver on the Siemens devices. Instead of adjusting the volume on the television, the user adjusts the hearing aid volume. Tek Connect, the technology that makes direct receipt of the sound to the hearing aid, allows you to switch automatically to other devices, such as the telephone, if necessary.

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Siemens Motion Hearing Aids Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Models

The behind-the-ear models reach every level of hearing loss, the Motion S, Motion SX and Motion P. While the Motion S is the smallest of the behind-the-ear models and the Motion SX allows you the freedom to recharge the device, both are for moderate to moderate-severe hearing loss. The Motion P offers the most power for those with moderate-severe to severe hearing loss and is rechargeable, too. Each of the Motion series also has a variety of choices within that series.

The Siemens Motion hearing aids come with discreet remote control options, which allow the user to adjust the hearing aid volume or program and nobody else will ever know. The ProPocket and ePen, a pen-shaped remote, are the two options available to control the hearing devices.

Features of the Siemens Motion BTE Models

While the BTE Motion offers a number of features, not all of them are available on every hearing device. The device you select dictates the options you’ll receive. There are four hearing solutions, the Motion 701, 501, 301 and 101. The 701 has more options available than its counterpart, the 101.

Feedback Stopper eliminates the whistling caused by feedback instantly. You’ll no longer feel the discomfort caused by your hearing aid whistling, this feature is on all four Siemens Motion hearing aids.

Sound Brilliance increases the range of the higher-frequency sounds you hear, for those that have difficulty in that range. This option is only available on the 701 and 501. SoundSmoothing is a smart feature of the Siemens Motion hearing aids that automatically isolates sharp and sudden noises and then softens them. You don’t have to amplify every type of sound with this option, which makes listening far more comfortable.

Speech and Noise Management does exactly what the name implies. It automatically lowers the amount of background noise while enhancing others speech.

eWind Screen makes walking outside a pleasure. It’s another smart feature, which automatically identifies the wind noise and then makes it softer.

Speech and Noise Management allows you to hear the speech more clearly with the Siemens Motion hearing aids, while it automatically lowers the sound of background noise.

TruEar lets you hear the sound more like natural hearing. This program simulates the acoustics of the ear so you can identify the direction of the sound.

E2e wireless 2.0 is a program that synchronizes the hearing devices and allows them to work together.

SpeechFocus is a feature, which focuses on others speech, regardless of their location. This means that if you’re driving and talking with someone in the back seat, you’ll never miss a word of the conversation.

Tek is Bluetooth technology at its finest. Tek Connect is a device that actively communicates with your Bluetooth capable phones and hearing devices and makes your Siemens Motion hearing aids a hands-free headset. You program the remote to tell you if a call is incoming, if you’re using another program such as television. It allows to instantaneously switch to the Bluetooth enabled mobile or cordless phone call.

Directional microphones in the Siemens Motion hearing aids reduce the volume of the background noises, which allows you to enjoy the conversation more.

Siemens offers several options for the number of channels that range from 6 to 16. More channels mean more options for fine tuning your hearing device.

T-coil links you to transmissions in public places such as theatres, churches and other places with similar broadcasting equipment. It makes the speech or movie easier to understand while eliminating the noise in the background.

AutoPhone is another smart option of the Siemens Motion hearing aids. As soon as you put the handset of a landline to your ear, the hearing aid changes the mode to telephone.

SoundLearning and SoundLearning 2.0 not only automatically adapt the hearing device to your sound and volume preference, it goes a step further. Sound learning 2.0 adapts it to the listening environment also.

DataLearning is another program in the Siemens Motion hearing aids that learns the volume preferences and then adapts the hearing devices to it.

DataLogging offers aid to the Hearing Care Professional by recording data from program usage and the various modes of the microphone to use as a guide to fine tune it on future appointments.

Siemens Motion Hearing Aids In-The-Ear Models

The in-the-ear models come in three types, in-the ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC) and completely-in-the-canal (CIC). The ITE model is the most visible to others, with the ITC less visible and the CIC almost impossible to see without close inspection. Each of these offers various matrix values with twin microphones being the standard option and push button being optional. Volume control and T-coil are optional on some models. These models are all custom-fitted to the individual’s ear and canal and come in colors to match the skin tone.

The custom-fitted in-the-ear styles offer the same types of features as the behind-the-ear models. The options available include SpeechFocus, Directional Microphones, 6 to 16 channels, Tek, Autophone and T-Coil. For sound comfort, the features include SoundBrilliance, FeedbackStopper, SoundSmoothing, eWindScreen and Speech and noise management. These Siemens Motion hearing aids also have a number of programs so you can select settings for the environment where you are, SoundLearning, SoundLearning 2.0 and DataLogging. You also have the option of ePen and ProPocket remote controls.

Regardless of the type of hearing device you select from within the Motion line, you’ll find the technology a huge benefit that overcomes many of the problems faced by those with hearing loss in the past. Simply being able to use a telephone without removing your hearing device or facing the potential of feedback is huge for those who found their hearing aid interfered. The Bluetooth technology brings the sound of these listening devices even clearer and more enjoyable to the user. The discrete remotes lets you adjust your hearing aids in public without announcing to the world you’re hearing impaired. The technology in the Siemens Motion hearing aids makes the transition to a hearing aid easy, comfortable and welcomed.

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