Siemens Pure 300 Hearing Aids

Siemens Pure 300 hearing aid is the entry level model in the Pure series. It is the economy model but still packed full of technology.

The Siemens Pure 300 hearing aid is only offered in the RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) style. While the Pure 300 RIC model is suitable for hearing losses ranging from mild to severe. A different size receiver would be used to accommodate the patient’s level of hearing loss. Receiver power levels are 45 dB, 55dB, and 65dB.

A 45 dB receiver is best suited for patients that have a mild to moderate hearing loss. The 55 dB receiver would be acceptable for patients suffering from a moderately severe hearing loss. For patients with hearing loss in the severe range, a 65 dB receiver would be needed. A custom fit receiver mold would be used with the 65 dB receiver to prevent unwanted feedback.

Siemens Pure 300 hearing aids offer the smallest available RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) configuration. It comes in an array of natural hair colors and skin tones. Which means it blends in perfectly so you’re the one who stands out.

And Siemens Pure 300 just doesn’t match your appearance it automatically adjusts volume and program settings to match your surroundings. Your hearing experience is completely customized.

Audiological Key Features of Siemens Pure 300 Hearing Aids

6 Channel Dynamic Range Compression for more comfortable listening to various loudness levels.

6 Channels/1 Handle Output Limiting to prevent loud sounds from reaching uncomfortable levels.

e2e Wireless 2.0. Synchronizes advanced signal processing, controls both hearing instruments and provides better sound localization. The memory button and volume control on one hearing instrument will operate both at the same time.

Speech and Noise Management. 6 channels of audibility focused speech and noise management system. Four comfort settings that can be programmed by hearing instrument specialist or audiologist.

Sound Smoothing. Isolates and softens sudden, annoying noises for a more pleasant listening experience. The Sound Smoothing setting can be turned on or off by your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist.

Advanced Directional Microphone System. Automatic adaptive directional microphones to improve speech understanding by softening background noise in challenging situations. The Pure 700 and 500 models also have multi-channel adaptive microphones.

eWindscreen. Monitors the environment for wind noise and automatically softens it.

Data Logging. Records data like program usage, microphone modes, and battery life for more precise and efficient fine tuning by your hearing instrument specialist.

Features of the Siemens Pure 500 RIC Hearing Instrument

Optional 312 Battery Recharger. Recharges batteries in about six hours.

ProPocket and ePen. Optional remote control for volume and program changes with integrated on/off function.

Tek-ready. Optional Bluetooth wireless technology enhancement system that connects to your favorite audio devices such as a cell phone, TV, MP3 Player or other audio devices.

Sound Balance. Treble control allows wearer to individualize sound quality preferences using the Tek Remote.

Interchangeable Housing. The housing of the hearing instrument is interchangeable so you can change colors or mix and match to make your own design.

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